Bleeding during pregnancy may be caused by this

The prospective mother Lulu recently encountered a problem: she repeatedly occurred several times after pregnancy, and the amount was very small.What should I do?

Many expectant mothers encountered the same situation as Lulu. Although some expectant mothers did not bleed, they also found cervical polyps in the pregnancy examination.

What is cervical polyps?What will happen if you grow?Will the baby baby affect?Do you want to treat during pregnancy?Can cervical polyps be used?

There are a lot of questions, let’s analyze them one by one.

What is cervical polyps?

Cervical polyps are a manifestation of chronic cervical inflammation.

The polyp grows at the cervical mouth, usually one.The size and shape of different expectant mothers may be different. Most of them are like rice grains or soybeans, and they are also large or even larger. Some of them are ellipse and some are slender strips.The polyp color is red, soft but crispy, and is prone to bleeding.

What you can rest assured that cervical polyps sounds terrible, but it is benign and rarely changes.Under normal circumstances, cervical polyps have no effect on the baby’s baby, nor will it affect the delivery, and expectant mothers can rest assured.

However, if repeated bleeding, it may cause infection, and infection can easily induce abortion or premature birth.

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What is the performance of cervical polyps?

When doctors do gynecological examinations, they can check whether there are cervical polyps through "watch".If the expectant mother grows cervical polyps, there will generally be the following situations:

Some have no special performance.

Some leucorrhea, itchy vulva.

Some have bleeding, manifested as red or brown secretions, or bleeding after the same room.

Do you want to treat during pregnancy?

According to the size and bleeding of the polyps, choose different treatment methods:

The polyps are small, no bleeding

If the polyps are small and have no bleeding, you can do a cervical cell examination to eliminate malignant lesions. Watch closely during pregnancy. After giving birth to your baby, deal with it.

The polyps are large or repeated bleeding

If the polyps are large or repeated bleeding, the expectant mothers are better to remove the polyp.

The polyp removal is a small surgery, which is generally done in the outpatient operating room.Just like taking the leucorrhea during gynecological examination, the doctor will perform a disinfection operation first, then use the vagina to open the vagina, and remove the polyp. The operation time is generally about ten minutes.

After the operation, the doctor will send the cut polyps to do pathological examinations to eliminate malignant possibilities.Generally, tire protection drugs that suppress contractions and anti -inflammatory drugs that prevent infection are also prescribed for prospective mothers.

Cervical removal surgery causes abortion, and expectant mothers do not need to worry too much.

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