Bleeding gum bleeding during pregnancy, in your opinion, is not a problem, it is a big problem for the baby’s body

Some pregnant mothers must have experienced the symptoms of gum bleeding during pregnancy. For some pregnant mothers who occasionally bleeding, they regard this symptom as normal.It’s normal to be considered normally.But for those pregnant mothers who often bleed, they are relatively headache. After all, they have two days of bleeding, pain, and not diagnosis and treatment. They are just suffering.

In fact, whether it is occasional or frequent, pregnant mothers should know about gum bleeding during pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, the gum bleeding of pregnant women is mainly manifested as redness and bleeding gums, and may also be accompanied by swelling. When there is a serious degree of pregnant mothers, ulcers and mucous membrane damage are manifested.Inflammation.

According to the doctor’s investigation, about 65%of the pregnant women group will suffer from "pregnancy gingival inflammation", and this symptoms usually begin to occur about 2 months during the pregnancy period. Why does this symptom occur?Intersection

On the one hand, the gum condition is related to the progesterone content contained in the pregnant mothers. If the progesterone content is too high, and the blood supply to the oral cavity increases, the gums may occur in the gums or the blood stagnation and swelling of blood.etc.These situations are caused by hormone changes during pregnancy. What is more headache for pregnant mothers is that these symptoms will become more serious as the number of pregnancy months increases.

In response to this, pregnant mothers need not worry too much, because as the delivery is over, pregnant mothers recover healthily during the confinement period, and the condition of gum inflammation will gradually improve.

On the other hand, in addition to the above -mentioned "hormone influence", pregnant mothers need to pay attention to that because the gums and oral immunity and defense of pregnant mothers are relatively low.Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the cleaning of the gum during pregnancy, the food residues or dirty substances have been stagnant in the periodontal and teeth for a long time, which will cause a large number of oral bacteria to reproduce.The situation follows.

After understanding the cause of gum bleeding during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must want to know if pregnant mothers have to know that this situation will affect the baby’s baby?

Prior to this, most pregnant mothers may not pay attention to this issue. In fact, the problem of bleeding gum bleeding in pregnant women has a certain impact on the baby’s baby, and the degree of influence varies from person to person.If the pregnant mothers ignore the bleeding gums during pregnancy, they are not prevented or protected, the gum inflammation may further deteriorate, which will eventually lead to the occurrence of periodontitis.Compared with gingivitis, periodontitis is more serious, and it is directly acting in the depths of the dental bone and other tissues of the pregnant mothers. Why does it affect the baby?

This is mainly because whether it is gingivitis or periodontitis, it has a certain impact on the baby’s premature birth rate.Therefore, if the above symptoms can be treated earlier, the premature birth rate of the baby will be reduced accordingly.In addition, pregnant mothers also need to understand that gum inflammation is related to some comprehensive diseases during pregnancy. For example, this part of pregnant women with hypertension or egg urine is generally higher.

All in all, pregnant mothers have symptoms of gum bleeding during pregnancy, whether occasional or often, especially the latter, they should pay attention.When brushing your teeth, you should try to choose a softer toothbrush in the texture as much as possible. It is best to use fluorine -containing toothpaste; brush your teeth after meals to reduce the number of toothpicks. Remember to rinse after drinking drinks.Rich food; regularly go to the hospital to check the teeth, and care for the gums and oral cavity according to the advice given by the doctor.

Finally, we must remind pregnant mothers that if you have suffered from gingivitis or periodontitis, you ca n’t stand the pain. Do n’t take the medicine at will. You need to consult a professional doctor and take medicines under the guidance of the doctor to avoid the baby ’s baby.cause some damages!

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