Blessing mother 丨 Can I play mobile phones during pregnancy?Will mobile phone radiation cause fetal malformations?

Almost everyone has mobile phones now, and mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. So today we will talk about pregnant women using mobile phones?

Can pregnant women play mobile phones?

Of course, pregnant women can use mobile phones. In this era of mobile Internet, all information, shopping, entertainment, and work are concentrated in mobile phones. It is basically the same as the world.In fact, almost all pregnant women are playing with mobile phones, but they have not heard that fetal malformations are caused by playing mobile phones.Therefore, pregnant women should not be careful when playing mobile phones, and mobile phone radiation can cause fetal malformations. If they are worried, they are more worried, but they are not good for fetal growth and development.

Precautions for pregnant women with mobile phones

1. Do not put your phone on the belt, the pillow and the chest;

2. The time to use must be short.

3. Do not use your mobile phone when charging;

4. Do not play mobile phones while walking. Pregnant mothers walk to play with mobile phones, and they ca n’t observe the surrounding situation. It is prone to bump or fall, which will threaten the safety of the fetus;

5. Turn off your phone when you sleep at night.

How should pregnant women prevent radiation

1. Adjust your diet

Daily dietary Moms need to pay more attention to eating foods rich in vitamin A, C and protein, such as bean sprouts, lean meat, carrots, kiwi, fish, and so on.Specific mothers rich in lycopene foods should also eat more, such as tomato, guava, watermelon, red grapes, etc., because lycopene can prevent radiation and antioxidant.In addition, protein and amino acid components in algae such as kelp are also conducive to human body resistance.

2. Plant plant

(1) Fairy palm or fairy ball: Many people who use the computer know that placing a cactus or a cactus ball next to the computer can play a role in radiation.Therefore, pregnant women can put more plants at home, especially the side and back of the computer.

(2) Golden Ge: The vitality is extremely strong. You can unlock the toxic substances released in the fabric and smoke, so it can absorb radiation.

(3) Dynamic leaves: Only the humidity of the room can be improved, which is good for the skin and breathing, and it can also absorb formaldehyde, diopine and ammonia gas and purify the turbid air.

3. Reduce the use of radiation products or avoid radiation sources

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