Blind Ejiao Health should not take phlegm and dampness and other constituents.

Ejiao is one of the most popular Chinese medicines in recent years, and there are many "fans".Ejiao can replenish blood, and at the same time has a good maintenance effect on the skin. It is a good product for beauty and beauty and anti -aging. Many people start to blindly eat Ejiao.

Ejiao is a rubber block made after the donkey skin is drifted.In ancient times, it was named after being produced in Donga County, Shandong Province.

Everyone must understand that no matter how good Ejiao is, it is also a medicine. Do not eat randomly.This article will take you to learn more about what Ejiao is avoided and which groups are suitable for.

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Ejiao has a sweet flavor, returning to the lungs, liver, and kidney meridians. It has the effects of nourishing blood, nourishing yin, moisturizing the lungs, and hemostasis. The following groups can take Ejiao under the guidance of a doctor.

Qi, blood and weak people

These people are mainly manifested as pale and breath, shortness of breath, dizziness, self -sweating, fatigue and fatigue, no warm limbs, low menstrual flow, and fatigue and fatigue.Ejiao is mainly based on nourishing blood, especially suitable for people with anemia. Coupled with black sesame, walnuts, rice wine, wolfberry and other ingredients to make Ejiao cakes, which can nourish qi and nourish liver and kidney, and have more comprehensive effects.

Virtual hemorrhagic diseases

Ejiao is made of donkey skin. In addition to replenishing effects, it also has a good hemostatic effect, which is suitable for various virtual hemorrhagic diseases.

However, it should be noted that the hemorrhage caused by heat bleeding or stagnation in the body is not suitable for taking Ejiao to stop bleeding.

Menopausal symptoms obvious people

Menopause is not exclusive to women, and men and women will have menopausal symptoms, because menopause is caused by severe changes in sex hormone levels.Its common symptoms include anemia, hot night sweats, emotional instability, irritability, insomnia, and decreased memory.

Ejiao can not only effectively replenish qi and blood, improve the immunity of the human body, but also effectively improve related diseases caused by menopausal hormone changes, and alleviate a series of adverse symptoms of menopausal syndrome.


Many people now have a bias for the understanding of the drug. As long as the medicine is supplemented, it is a good medicine regardless of whether it is right or wrong.In fact, this kind of understanding must not be.The author believes that Ejiao now has this chaotic phenomenon.Below to everyone, who can not eat Ejiao.

People in the physique of phlegm dampness

"Materia Medica" said: "Those who have cold sputum and drink for drinking (Ejiao)." People who have stagnation in the body or stagnation in the body are often greasy tongue, heavy tone, and obese in the body.It will further aggravate phlegm dampness and stasis. Not only will it not play a replenishment effect, it will also increase the stagnation of the body and make the body uncomfortable.


Ejiao Gan is flat into the lungs, and the quality is moisturized. If you continue to eat Ejiao when you are diarrhea or do not take shape, you will increase the situation of the stool.People who have a cold and fever should not take Ejiao.

Bad people with spleen and stomach

Ejiao is sticky and difficult, and people with too weak spleen and stomach should not eat.Such people have poor digestive capacity. If you take thick and greasy Ejiao, you will often be "deficient and not supplemented". It is easy to aggravate indigestion and cause discomfort such as bloating, stomach pain, and loss of appetite.

Source: China Traditional Chinese Medicine Newspaper

Author: Yan Chaoguang Shandong Province Weifang City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Original title: Although Ejiao is good, you have to eat it right

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