Both knees are swollen and hard to lift, and the road of Nirvana is easy!

Both knees are swollen and hard to lift, and the road of Nirvana is easy!

The soreness of more than a week has indeed created history. In my running history, the existence of soreness for such a long time has never been before. It can only be two or three days. This time, it is more than a week.Go, it is really interesting.

After the spraying effusion on the right leg and knees the day before yesterday, it never appeared again, but it was a bit of a bit of energy to spray, but this kind of energy to spray for a long time has been relieved yesterday. Today, it relieved a bit.Still continuing, but the situation is much better, and it finally has not been successful.

When running in the morning, it was 6:88. The sun was very high, the sky was blue, the sun was hot, and the taste was quite summer.

At the beginning, I felt that the two knees were full and full, and the legs were a little panicked. In this way, the legs were a little dare not lift. Although they could still run, they were very uncomfortable.

This situation began to relieve after 3 kilometers, gradually relaxed, and more and more comfortable.Although it is hot, it can’t be sweated. It may be that the running speed is too slow, and the body can’t be active at all.This is also helpless, and there is no way to do it.

After 6 kilometers, the root of the left calf began to appear sore again. At this time, it was sore, but it was limited to the root of the left calf.Later, the soreness spread and metastasis, but the amplitude did not seem to be too large, and the soreness of the left calf root gradually relieved.Just after 19 kilometers, the soreness seemed to be back again, and it was increasing the soreness of the left calf root.This kind of loop is still very puzzling, and I don’t understand why this is like this.

In particular, the condition of the right leg and knees changed a little unrestrained. After 6 kilometers, it was sometimes full of soreness, sometimes spreading to other places, and even the inner side and the root of the right calf were sore.Of course, this soreness is a bit happy.

One situation is also very obvious. As long as the effusion desire or energy of the effusion at the right leg and knees appears, the speed of running will decrease significantly, but it is not aware of this decline, and it is already a speed reduction.

But anyway, the spraying situation does not appear again, and the overall feeling of the body is getting more and more comfortable.It was just that as soon as the sprayed desire appeared, the body was automatically adjusted, and the adjustment made people unconscious.

The weather is indeed a bit hot, but it is not hot enough to tolerance, it is just hot.However, Teacher Liu said that this was too hot, he couldn’t stand it, and didn’t even want to run.Originally, he planned to run 10 kilometers, but after running with me for a while, he ran 5 kilometers. Today, it should be 15 kilometers.

After running, I walked for about two kilometers. The soreness of the left calf root had disappeared. The overall feeling of the body was relaxed and comfortable.

Rebate, in less than a month, I have returned to 22 kilometers in less than a month, and I almost didn’t feel tired.In other words, compared to the previous running, this time the overall recovery is much easier, there is almost no original breakthrough, persistence and patience, this is really two days.

I want to increase the situation of two or three kilometers every time from persistent three or five kilometers, and almost every step is difficult, especially when I first run a half horse, it is really uncomfortable.It was the feeling of Phoenix Nirvana.

The recovery process is also similar, but it is similar in stage. It is too much to use, and it can almost ignore it.Since the re -run, although there are some small setbacks, the running has never felt persistence, feels patience, feels tired, and plainly. This Nirvana’s recovery process is still very easy.

In the future, the prospects seem to be clearly seen. The daily 22 kilometers will not be tired, and you will not feel persistent. What needs to be improved is the speed, that is, the state.Just take it slowly!

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