Botoxin, which is unknown, do not just hit Shenzhen a woman injection thin shoulders and cause poisoning

Botox chaos

On July 30, the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission issued a notice to prohibit the application of "calf nervousness away from lean legs" to the clinic. For medical institutions and medical staff who still carried out the operation after this notice was issued, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, according to relevant laws and regulationsThe rules are handled.

For a while, the topic caused heated discussion. Many netizens said that there was such "self -disability"?According to Baidu Encyclopedia, the principle of this surgery is to directly remove the calf gastrocnemius nerve, so that the gastrocnemius muscles will lose the control of the corresponding motor nerves and gradually shrink to achieve the effect of thin calf.

It sounds like a method of stubborn legs once and for all, but in fact, the cost is huge.The notice states that the operation directly leads to irreversible neuropathic damage and dysfunction of the lower limbs, and there are serious security problems, which is contrary to the principles of medical ethics.

Some medical experts said that even if the surgeon was undergoing surgery, the effect of the postoperative stovepipe was still difficult to fully control. When the gastrocnemius was atrophy, the surrounding fisheyle muscle may have substantial hypertrophy, which made the calf deform again.

In fact, there is another big and more popular skinny legs -thin leg needle. The principle is that by injection of A -type botulinum toxin on the calf gastrocnemius muscle, it shrinks to achieve the effect of skinny legs.Since entering the city, it has been sought after by many thick -legged girls due to its short -term and fast -effective advantage.

However, it is not advisable to cut off the nervous skinny legs, and botulinum toxin should not be hit casually!Do you know many chaos?In this issue, Nandu New Medicine Observation Research Team will deeply reveal the greasy cat toxin.

Accident case

Beauty salon injection of irregular botulinum toxins, Shenzhen has a beauty seeker poisoning

With the continuous expansion of Volkswagen’s demand for medical beauty consumption, many beauty salons are no longer satisfied with life beauty. In private, medical beauty business has been secretly done. The front foot finished washing the face for customers, and the rear feet were hit with bruising and skinny legs.Essence

According to relevant national regulations, type A botulinum toxin and their preparations are included in the management of "toxic drugs". Pharmaceutical wholesale companies can only sell type A botoxin preparations to regular medical institutions. Botoxin you play in a beauty salon is likely to be falsemedicine.

Unrelated medicines or fake drugs can cause serious consequences, such as symptoms of botulinum poisoning.Recently, a woman in Shenzhen injected botox and thin shoulders in the beauty salon, leading to weak limbs, and symptoms such as swallowing difficulties and dyspnea. After being diagnosed with injection irregular drugs, they were diagnosed as injection of injection.

The same thing also happened in a pair of good sisters in Zhejiang. The two sisters met with beauty salons to get thin leg needles, but they were finally taken to the hospital together.This pair of good sisters "entrusted" their calves because of the acquaintance "good price discussion and operation". As a result, the vision was blurred and the breathing was difficult to breathe. After 5 days in the rescue room, they left the danger of life. also reported that a woman went to the beauty salon to hit the stovepipe needle under the introduction of a friend. The legs could not stand up in the afternoon of the day. Two or three days later, there was a dizziness and unable to open.Continue to deteriorate and have symptoms of swallowing difficulties. The food blocked the respiratory tract and was transferred to the ICU and inserted the ventilator for rescue.

However, these shocking case beautyists never tell you that they will not take the initiative to tell you risks and scare customers who are at their hands.

Chaos in the industry

The unknown botulinum injections, a micro -finished training course for 5 days, the potion is thin

According to the data of Ai Media Consultation, Chinese botulinum toxin accounts for 32.7%of non -surgical medical beauty projects. In 2019, the size of the botox market in China’s regular channels has reached 4.86 billion yuan.The degree of acceptance and the continuous popularization of botulinum projects, the market size of botulinum toxin is expected to continue to expand.

Up to now, there are only four type A botoxin toxin approved by the National Pharmaceutical Supervision and Administration of my country.According to the "Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China", the drugs that are not approved by the approved production and imports, and they are sold in accordance with fake drug theory.

If you want to lose weight safely, the medicine must be formal, and the injection staff must have the qualifications of related medical care, which is indispensable for both.Many people taking injections in some qualified beauty salons and beauty studios are likely to be fake medicines that are unknown.There are many news that this type of black dens are illegally practicing medicine and unknown botulinum toxin.

In September last year, Xiamen City Health Supervision and the public security department destroyed a black den who illegally practiced medicine and injected unknown sources for customers, and seized up to 5 botoxin in 5 varieties.Botoxin is purchased from Guangdong, but it cannot get the drug -through order and invoices of the drug. In the end, the market regulatory authorities issued fake drug identification books on these 25 bottles of overseas botoxin.

At the same time, some qualified beauty salons and studios, while using non -formal channel sources, their injectionists have not been qualified for injection, and even some of them have opened the studio for customers in a few days after a few days.

Some media have been exposed that the Meipu Si Academy under the Nanjing American Cube Medical Beauty is the so -called unqualified micro -finishing training course. Students injected each other and perform double eyelid surgery.The students participating in the training can purchase medicines from the college after the 5 -day course, including unprecedented production and imported whitening needles, botulinum toxin and other injections.

However, even if you go to a medical and beauty institution with medical qualifications, you may encounter the situation of "the potion is rare".Some people in the industry have revealed that in order to earn high profits, many small medical institutions have made consumers who have turned consumers. They seize some customers who are greedy for Xiao Hui Xiaoying, and hang out the price lower than the cost channel price. In the injection, in the injectionIn the case, the amount of physiological saline is increased and the dose of 100 units is mixed into three. This is one of the reasons why some people have suffered a lot but there is no obvious effect.

Market observation

Byoxin is beware of the price below this price

It has been mentioned before that there are only four type A botulinum toxin approved by the State Drug Administration of my country to approve the listing of type A, which are domestic Lanzhou Hengli, the United States Baobi, the British Jishi, and South Korea’s Lotici. These four meats. What are the differences between toxins?

According to Dr. Liu Dandan, a surgery surgery of Peking University Shenzhen Hospital:

Lanzhou Hengli and the United States are the most widely used brands in China. Hengli is a domestic brand with high cost performance. The effect is not inferior to imported botulinum toxins.Essence

The United States is the most purely purity, the strongest accuracy, and the smallest stretch of botulinum toxin at present.

The British Jishi and South Korea’s Latti Po have only entered the Chinese market recently. The prices of Jishi and Lesh are in the market in the market, which is in the middle of the market.At present, there are no related products in some three hospitals in Shenzhen, but they are also old -fashioned botulinum brands abroad.

Note: The above data comes from the public comments. The specific price is based on the merchant

The research team found that the botulinum skin stabilization needle products of several medical cosmetic institutions in Shenzhen are mainly based on domestic Lanzhou Hengli and the United States Baobi., Hengyan, Yanxi and other institutions have South Korea Ledi.

Botoxin is used for stovepipes from 200 units. The price of Lanzhou Hengli is generally around 2000 yuan.The price floats large, with a low of about 5,000, and 15,000 yuan high.

It is also Ji Shi and Pauli, who is also 200 units. The price given by the Shenzhen Federation of Meimei is 15,000 yuan and 9,000 yuan, respectively, much higher than other medical aesthetic institutions.The research team consulted this situation, and the customer service stated that the price of Baobao’s purchase price was more than 5,000.You can apply for discounts after face -to -face evaluation.

The customer service of Shenzhen Sunshine Medical Aesthetic Hospital stated that Jishi was approved to be listed in China last November, which will be higher than that of Poly. The dilution ratio under the same unit, Jishi does not require so much.

The research team put forward the question of "I have played 400 units, how many units do I need now", Sunshine Medical and Aesthetic Customer Service stated that the calves will not be hit 400 units, 400 units are overIn the past, customers were playing 200 units and the feedback effect was good.However, the customer service later said, "If you want to inject 400 units, you can also place two."

Dr. Liu Dandan, Shenzhen Hospital Plastic Surgery of Peking University, said that in fact, the 400 units are not overlurred, and the excess requires a large dose, but different medicines will be different.Generally in public hospitals, the balance price of 100 units is 660 yuan, and Baoyi is 1850 yuan; the price of 100 units of private hospitals is 2,450 yuan.Pay attention.

At the same time, the research team also asked several medical aesthetic institutions for the view of "Three Things Needle Three Points can be fixed three times" on the Internet.

In response to this, Dr. Liu Dandan said that if you want to use botulinum toxin stovepipe, you need to fight all the time, but after multiple injections, the time of each maintenance will increase, and it can be extended from 6 months to 9 months.It can be fixed a few times.

Doctors remind

Executives after surgery, the effect of drugs varies from person to person

Guangdong has been in a high temperature season for nearly half a year. Many beautiful girls who love beauty may have a need for thin leg needles throughout the year to expose their legs.Dr. Liu Dandan reminded that the injection dose of the stovepipe needle at one time is strictly limited. It is enough to hit 200-400 units at a time. Excessive injection of skinny legs will cause damage to the body, which is likely to cause poisoning and not greedy.At the same time, long -term repeated skinny leg needles may cause the human body to produce antibodies and resist drug resistance.

How long can I keep the stovepipe needle once? How long can I see the effect after playing?Why do some people have no use of thin leg needles? Some people have a good effect?

Dr. Liu Dandan said that the effect of botulinum toxin has been effective 1-2 weeks after injection. If the muscles of the calf are more large, the effect will be obvious after 1 month.It has reached 4-6 months, because everyone’s walking habits and muscle compensation are different, so everyone’s response to the drug is different.

In addition, Dr. Liu Dandan also reminded that these issues should be paid attention to after the injection of stovepipe injections:

Before surgery, you should judge whether your calf is suitable for thin leg needles. Botox thin calves are treated for muscle -like calves, while edema and fat calves will not have much effect after injection.

For judging the type of calf, the following method can be used: if you stand upright, if the calf has obvious lines that are not smooth and a muscles are raised at the back of the calf, it is muscle -shaped calf.

At the same time, the following patients are not suitable for injection of skinny legs:

1. Severe muscle weakness

2. Those with neuromuscular diseases

3. Allergies

4. Pregnancy and lactation

5. Those with a history of drinking within a week (including beer)

6. Those who have taken aspirin or other heat -relieving analgesic drugs within two weeks

7. Those who use amino glycoside antibiotics (such as galcin, chaincin, etc.)

8. Personal mentality and poor self -control ability

9. Patients with multiple sclerosis

10. Patients with upper eyelid drooping

11. Patients with adrenaline and internal visceral diseases such as heart, liver, and kidney

12. People who cannot reduce frequent facial expression muscles (such as actors, etc.).

After playing the stovepipe needles, you should pay attention to these issues:

After the operation, a few people did not have obvious effects due to their sensitivity, so they should return to the hospital for one month after surgery.Injecting thin leg needles can be carefully applied to celebrate galcin anti -inflammatory drugs within a week.Avoid eating hard shell foods; fast, seafood food, and tobacco and alcohol.

A strong exercise cannot be performed within 24 hours. The injection of the pinhole does not touch the water or touch it to avoid bacterial infections.

You cannot apply ice or hot compresses on the injection site one week after the stovepipe, nor can you perform leg massage.

Strict contraception, avoid pregnancy within 6 months after playing botulinum toxin.

Produced: Nandu New Medicine Aesthetic Observation Project Group

Writing: Nandu reporter Li Rong Shenzhen Daquan Think Tank Researcher Zeng Meiyuan Intern Zhu Lin

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