Break up for a year, and the former sent a message: My wife is pregnant, do you want to steal love with me?

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This is the 1278th day of Aunt Sauce with you

Recently, my friend smiled and talked with me.

One month ago, the ex -party who had broken up a year suddenly sent a message to laugh, saying that the two hadn’t met for a long time, and even if they broke up, they could come together as friends.

With a smile, she was a college classmate with her predecessor. Since the breakup, the common friends of the two parties have rarely come and go, so she agreed.

When I met, the former was in the restaurant where I met with a smile for the first time. I wore a white shirt I wore when I met for the first time.

At that moment, there was also a kind of puppet that returned to the past.

Picture source: "Children of the Qiao Family", invading deletion

At the dinner table, the predecessor did not mention emotional things, but talked about the recent situation and interesting things of college friends.

However, after three patrols, the predecessor grabbed a smiley hand, and looked at her sincerely:

"Smile, I can’t forget you."

For a while, Xiaoxiao was scared by the previous movement, a little panicked, and left first.

Later, the predecessor kept sending a message to laugh, and he asked for warmth.

Originally, I thought that this was a story of the old feelings. The predecessor’s back was the story of the shore, but I didn’t expect that it was not so simple.

From a young age, smiling is not the kind of silly girl who is in love, so she knocked on the side of her friend, and learned that the former was married and his wife was pregnant.

"He is really the most disgusting man I have ever seen."

When I smiled and said this, I gritted my teeth: "As long as I think of him holding my hand, I am the expression of true love, and there is a nausea."

Almost, I was almost a scum man.

The story of laughing reminds me of the recent hit drama "Children of the Qiao Family".

Smile is a clear girl, but Qiao Simei is not.

Qiao Simei and her husband Qi Chenggang began at first sight.

At that time, Qiao Simei’s family repeatedly reminded Qi Chenggang to have a "style problem", but Qiao Simei still pierced the vortex of marriage.

In the play, Qi Chenggang has a total of three derailments, two of them, both of which are female employees with bookstores.

Simi did not find that she saw the woman’s hair on Qi Chenggang’s clothes, and found a bottle of flavoring agent in Qi Chenggang’s car.

However, Simei has always comforted herself and deceived people in the name of love.

Even during the pregnancy of Simei, Qi Chenggang not only did not accompany Simei’s production inspection, but even sneaked in love with other women outside, and the four beauty was almost abortion.

Qi Chenggang made a mistake again and again, and the four beauty forgive.

Until one day, the female employees of the bookstore exposed their own pregnancy and found the family of Simei.

Picture source: "Children of the Qiao Family", invading deletion

It is angry that Simei has forgiven again.

Until many years later, SARS was raging. Qi Chenggang once again deceived Simei to go to a business trip in other places, but in fact, he was looking for female employees in the bookstore to continue his forefront.

Picture source: "Children of the Qiao Family", invading deletion

Simei finally realized that people who were derailed could not only be derailed once.

Lost in love and eventually only hurt yourself.

As for the female employee who thought that and Qi Chenggang was true love, it was just "Qiao Simei" who was replicated.

Never believe that a person who betrayed the family and tells you true love, because the next betrayal of him is likely to be you.

There is such a sentence in the movie "Dream of the Bridge":

Love is magical, but if you give up responsibility, this magic will disappear.

This is why Aunt Sauce wrote this article today.

First, derailment is an instinct, but loyalty is a choice.

A derailment, unnecessary for life, unless you can tolerate the possibility of derailment in his next.

Second, don’t believe a man who can betray his wife.

Wife is a woman who can accompany him to endure hardships. No matter what his relationship with his wife is now, they must have loved it enthusiastically.

A man who can betray his wife can still abandon you one day.

Picture source: "Children of the Qiao Family", invading deletion

Third, never lose in love.

Li Meijin explained the outlook on marriage at the "Round Table School":

In emotion, people will find whatever they miss.

She is willing to love early in her father’s love, find an older partner, and put her life on others, belongs to the emotional mode of attachment.

The more confident people can be alone, the more she wants to grasp a person desperately if she is not confident and lack of love to prove her existence.

But feelings are not redemption. Marriage is not a leisure. Only two equal souls can be attracted to each other.

Finally, give it to all the girls who are confused in love:

I let go of myself, I picked myself.

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