Breeding back pain may be lumbar disc herniation

According to the statistics of the China Rehabilitation Medical Association, 460 of patients with lumbar disc herniation in women’s lumbar disc herniation were pregnant women, accounting for almost half.There were 384 cases of symptoms during pregnancy, accounting for 39.1%.As a result, pregnancy is a factor that cannot be ignored among women with lumbar disc herniation.Why are pregnant women prone to lumbar disc herniation?

Pregnancy is very prone to lumbar disc herniation

Miss Zhang, 28, has been married for 5 years, and finally pregnant with her baby. She is currently 3 months pregnant.I had never had back pain, but I always felt backache recently. My mother -in -law told her that "pregnancy is too normal, everyone will do this", but Ms. Zhang has become more and more obvious. In recent days, back painThe outside of the left thigh and the calf are painful, and when the posture is not good, when the cough is cough, it will hurt from the waist to the calf "electric shock".Later, the doctor’s preliminary judgment may be lumbar disc herniation.

First of all, we need to understand what is lumbar disc herniation: the intervertebral disc is located between the two adjacent vertebral body, which is composed of two inside and outside and outside. The outside is a fiber ring.The surroundings of the nuclei can prevent the nucleuucleu nucleus from protruding outward, the fiber is tough and elastic; the internal is a myelopa nucleus, which is a flexible glue substance and has the effect of alleviating impact.Adults, intervertebral discs, degenerative changes, fibers in the fiber ring become thicker, glass degeneration and finally rupture, causing the intervertebral disk to lose its original elasticity, and cannot bear the original pressure.Under excessive strain, position changes, staple movements or violent impacts, the fiber ring can swell outward, so that the nucleus myelopa can also protrudes out through the cracks of the ruptured fiber ring. This is the so -called intervertebral disc herniation.

During the pregnancy of pregnant women, endocrine hormones changed, and various ligaments in pregnant women were relatively loose, preparing for fetal delivery.At this time, the waist joint ligament and fascia were relaxed, and the stability weakened.A fertilized egg in the uterus during pregnancy gradually developed into several thousand grams of fetus, increasing the burden on the lumbar spine, and this burden continued to exist.On this basis, if the lumbar muscles are tired and sprained, lumbar disc herniation is likely to occur.

Pregnancy is low back pain. How to exclude lumbar disc herniation?

Generally, low back pain is often required for X -ray filming, and some treatments must also be performed under X -ray perspective monitoring.Due to the special situation, pregnant women need to be cautious.In essence, X -ray is a kind of ionizing radiation, which has penetration of human tissue, which will cause physical and chemical changes.The basic unit of the human body is cells. Under the X -ray action, the ionization changes can also occur in the cells, which are called biological effects.However, the X -ray inspection of our daily application is small in dose and does not damage to human health.However, experimental studies have proved that embryo tissue is sensitive to X -ray.The X -ray has a large effect on the organisms, and the recovery ability is poor, or it cannot be fully recovered.The most sensitive period is 8 to 15 weeks after fertilization, and 16 to 25 weeks.To ensure safety, it is best not to do X -ray examination (photo or CT) for pregnant women.Try to use other methods, such as ultrasonic inspection instead.If it cannot be replaced, it can be arranged in the late pregnancy. At this time, the fetal development is close to maturity and is not vulnerable to X -ray.

Back pain should be judged whether it is caused by lumbar disc herniation. It is mainly based on the clinical examination method of the doctor. It is not suitable for photos.The clinical examination of doctors is mainly through the judgment of symptoms, as well as comprehensive judgments such as straight leg lifting experiments, "4" levy experiments, neurological reflection examinations, and pain points examination. It is generally not difficult to diagnose.

The lumbar disc herniation during pregnancy, you must pay attention to the treatment:

1. It is not suitable to use plaster, because the plaster is mostly promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, especially the plaster containing traditional Chinese medicine such as musk, so as not to cause the fetal restlessness or even abortion;

2. Do not use medicinal oils, medicinal wines, etc., because these drugs contain drug components that cause abortion possibilities;

3. It is not advisable to take painkillers, because many painkillers affect embryo development, and even cause abnormal fetal development;

4. The treatment of lumbar disc herniation in pregnant women mainly uses some safe and pain relief methods to temporarily relieve symptoms. If you want to completely cure, you need to wait for the birth of the child.

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