Breeding Class: Twenty -five weeks of pregnancy, fetal development and changes in pregnant mothers

The 25 weeks of pregnancy baby has a stable gain, the skin is thin and has a lot of wrinkles, all covering a thin layer of fluff, the baby’s body began to be full of real uterus.How can the pregnant mother with a big belly be healthy at this time?

Fetal development and mother change

Fetal development:

The taste buds on the tongue of 25 weeks are formed, so the fetus can taste the taste of food at this time.The degree of agility of the fetus exceeds your imagination.He can easily grab his feet and keep it.He opened his eyes for the first time, but unfortunately the uterus was like a castle. He could see anything except gray.If the mother uses a flashlight to take her belly, the fetus will respond to the light.It’s very interesting, let’s try it!

Mom’s physical changes:

Because the baby is getting bigger and bigger, the expectant mothers will feel more tired, and the waist and leg pain will be more obvious. There will be some dark red stretch marks on the belly and breasts, and there are pregnancy spots on their faces.Some pregnant women also feel that their eyes are dry, astringent, and afraid of light. These are normal phenomena. Specific mothers don’t have to worry too much.Some pregnant women will cause headaches and dizziness due to increased blood pressure or increased blood pressure. Psychological burdens and mental factors can also cause headaches, so pay attention to maintaining a happy mood.

Special precautions this week

To welcome the birth of a small life, of course, the whole family must mobilize, and to prepare everything to be used.The items in the hospital are not necessarily complete, so you have to prepare the mothers’ "production packages" in advance, including maternal supplies and newborns must be supplies.And the candidate that can take good care of the mother and baby is the "maternity work" of the prospective dad.

Mother -mothers must be supplies for delivery:

*Certificate: ID card, medical record card, money or credit card.

*Washing supplies: soft hair toothbrushes, toothpaste, several large and small towels, two sets of cups, underwear, slippers, discharged clothing, paper towels.

*Mammal products: mammal bras, mammal shirts, which are convenient for newborn.

*Underwear: patrix underwear, pregnant women’s special sanitary napkin.

Newborn supplies:

*Clothing: 1 baby towel, 2 sets of baby clothes, diapers.

*Feed of supplies: bottle, milk powder.

*Washing: bathtub, moisturizing solution, wet paper towel.

How to choose the items to be produced?

Knowing the list of items to be produced, the next step is to buy it, just so many brands and varieties, will you pick it up?Especially when buying milk powder and diapers, you must master these purchasing skills first.

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