Breeding for one month of pregnancy

Breeding for one month of pregnancy

Menstrual bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is roughly the same as the bleeding at about 1 month from the last menstruation.A small amount of bleeding will last for 2 to 3 days, but this is a physiological phenomenon, so don’t worry.

Women stop menstruation after pregnancy. Except for menstrual -like bleeding (bleeding during bed) and "seeing red" before delivery, the lower part is generally not bleeding.

In addition, vaginal injury can also cause bleeding when the neck polyps, vaginal erosion, etc. are not directly related to pregnancy.In any case, if the bleeding is not serious, it will not affect pregnancy.When sexual organs bleed, it is dangerous to judge by itself alone.

Doctors remind pregnant mothers that if they are suspected of abnormal pregnancy, please accept the doctor for diagnosis immediately.Due to the high abortion rate of pregnant women, it is necessary to pay more attention to bleeding.

Reason for bleeding for one month of pregnancy

What are the causes of bleeding for one month?This is a topic that many mothers care about, because this is related to the health of the fetus.Various causes of bleeding for one month of pregnancy allow pregnant mothers to understand the situation in a timely manner.

1. Excessive labor.Pregnant women in early pregnancy are too tired or engaged in heavy physical work, and their physical and psychological pressure is too large, which can easily cause vaginal bleeding in pregnant women.

2. Physiological bleeding.After women are successful, some women still have a small amount of vaginal bleeding during menstruation. This is just a physiological reaction and does not need to be treated.

3. Abortion.Before the placenta was fully developed, the bed in the embryo was not stable, and at this stage, pregnant women were susceptible to miscarriage.When abortion occurs, the embryo and the uterine wall of the pregnant woman will be separated to varying degrees. When the blood vessels are broken, the uterine contraction will cause the symptoms of vaginal bleeding in pregnant women.

4. Ectopic pregnancy.Women’s fallopian tube walls are relatively thin. When fertilized eggs develop to a certain degree, the swelling of the fallopian tube wall will break, leading to abnormal vaginal bleeding.Such bleeding can easily lead to halo, shock or severe abdominal pain in pregnant women. If the treatment is not timely, it may threaten the life of pregnant women.

5. Portuita.The abortion of hydatidosa is manifested as a small amount of bleeding, intermittently, and sometimes repeated large bleeding.

6. Uterine disease.If women suffer from uterine diseases, such as cervical polyps, cervical erosion, cervical lesions, etc., due to the change of hormones after women’s pregnancy, the surface capillaries can be ruptured, causing female vaginal bleeding.

Doctors remind pregnant mothers that in order to prevent bleeding for one month of pregnancy, pregnant women must develop good habits and routines. It is best to ensure that they sleep for 8 hours a day and move appropriately.Pregnant women should wear wide clothes, and should not be tight in the belt. They should usually wear flat shoes.To develop the habit of timing defecation, you must also eat more foods rich in cellulose to maintain smooth stool.You should take a bath and change your underwear, but you should not take a bath or swim. Be careful not to be cold when bathing.Pay special attention to the cleaning of the pussy, and wash the vulva with clean warm water every night to prevent germs from infection.

Symptoms of bleeding for one month of pregnancy

What are the symptoms of bleeding for one month?In this question, expectant mothers have some understanding, so that they can find timely treatment in time.

Early pregnancy bleeding is mainly manifested in the vagina, with a small amount of blood -based secretions, similar to the amount of bleeding in the early period of menstruation or the last stage.The color of bleeding may be pink, red or brown.The symptoms of pregnancy bleeding are mainly divided into the following two:

1. Bleeding type

If the blood shows brown, the expectant mother does not have to worry too much. The brown blood indicates that the bleeding has stopped, so it will be oxidized into coffee brown. Just take more rest and avoid exercise. If the blood is bright red, pay attention.

2. Pain

Most expectant mothers who suspect that there are early abortion will have back pain and lower abdomen pain like menstruation when they come.Most of the mothers of most ectopic pregnancy will have severe abdominal pain, pale complexion, accelerated heartbeat, and intra -abdominal hemorrhage.

Doctors remind pregnant mothers that they must pay attention to personal hygiene, diet is light and healthy, and try to avoid irritating foods such as spicy and cold.

What should I do if I have bleeding for one month of pregnancy?

What should I do if I have bleeding for one month?This is the topic that all pregnant mothers who have this situation.

The most common bleeding for a month of pregnancy is a threatened abortion. The reason may be insufficient luteal function, abnormal development of fetal development, and mother and environmental impact.If the bleeding continues to exist, you should do a B -ultrasound to understand the fetal condition.The fetus is developing normally and can be treated with fetal treatment.If there are many bleeding and is accompanied by tissue sample discharge, the abortion is formed.

In addition, a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs in the early pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy) should be excluded.Under normal circumstances, the palace can be seen under the ultrasound about 40 days of pregnancy.For example, no pregnancy sac is continuously seen in the palace around 40 days, and it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding. We must be alert to whether it is an atomic pregnancy.Extra pregnancy requires hospitalization.

In the early stages of pregnancy, a small amount of bloody leucorrhea should also pay attention to eliminating cervical lesions. Such as cervical erosion and cervical cancer can have this symptom. You should go to the hospital for examination and do cervical scrape cytology examination.

The doctor reminded that the causes of vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy are complicated. Specific mothers must have a high degree of vigilance if they want to give birth to healthy babies, seek medical attention in time, and usually understand the precautions of pregnancy.

Precautions for one month of pregnancy

What are the precautions for one month of pregnancy?Although many pregnant mothers know the answers, we still have to remind the majority of pregnant mothers here.

1. Avoid smoking and drinking

Nicotine and alcohol contained in cigarettes are easy to cause abortion of fetal abortion. Therefore, women should pay attention to quit smoking and drinking after pregnancy.Husbands should also pay attention to cooperation and should not smoke indoors. Pregnant women should also avoid staying in a smoke environment for a long time.

2. Avoid sexual life in the early stages of pregnancy

In the first three months of pregnancy, the connection of the uterine wall of the placenta and the mother of pregnant women is not too close. If sexual life is improper, it is easy to cause abortion.Therefore, it is best to avoid sexual life in early pregnancy.

3. Avoid emotional excitement

Pregnant mothers who are pregnant should maintain a good attitude and avoid being frightened or excessive.

4. Cosmetic bleeding in the early pregnancy should be seek to seek medical treatment immediately

Vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is likely to be a signs of abortion, so pregnant mothers must be vigilant and go to the hospital for examination in time to determine that there is no problem with pregnant women and fetuses and exclude the possibility of complications.

5. Avoid intense exercise

Pregnant women who bleed during pregnancy should pay attention to bed rest, avoid intense exercise, and reduce squatting movements.

The doctor reminds that the principles of medical, more, and war should be observed during pregnancy, that is, regularly seeing doctors, resting in bed rest, and defeating themselves

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