Britain allows pregnant women to take medicine at home and abortion?IntersectionDuring the epidemic, even the risk of abortion increased …

Courtney Barnes from the United Kingdom received a package on May 1st.

There are two plates of pills, a little painkillers, a pregnancy test stick, and a guidance book -this is her "DIY abortion basic package".

In March of this year, Britain adopted an urgent policy:

During the new crown epidemic, in order to reduce the risk of new coronal virus infection when going to the clinic, women who need abortion do not need to go to the clinic. They can take two drugs at home for "DIY abortion".

A drug is Mepatone, which is a strong antibody hormone, which can prevent the body from continuing to continue to produce hormone progesterone required for pregnancy, thereby terminating pregnancy.

The other is the frontol, usually take it after 24 to 48 hours to promote uterine contraction and accelerate abortion.

After 4 to 6 hours, the endometrium will break and then have a miscarriage.

Before the new crown epidemic, there were about 180,000 abortion in the UK each year, of which the drug flow was the most common method.It is suitable for women who need to be miscarriage in the early pregnancy, that is, the first three months of pregnancy.

According to the current regulations, women who want to terminate pregnancy must go to the clinic to take medicine and take the first drug under the supervision of the doctor, and then the doctor will give them the second drug for them to take them at home.

But it is obvious that this method is a bit dangerous during the epidemic,

As a result, the British government passed the "remote diagnosis"+"DIY abortion" policy -pregnant women can seek diagnosis at home by phone, and then clinics will mail the drug flow drugs to them.

Women who need abortion provide a reason for their doctors or nurses to have a reasons for miscarriage, and then the two doctors signed to decide whether to pass the whole process. The whole process does not need to go to the clinic or hospital in person.

At present, the effective time of this policy is two years, or it lasts until the end of the epidemic.

It sounds pretty convenient?

As a result, 27 -year -old Courtney Barnes called the consultation call of the Marie Stopes Clinic.This is an international non -profit organization that has a high reputation in the world and provides women with reproductive health services.

Soon she received the drug required for miscarriage, and no doctor conducted on -site investigation or supervision throughout the process.

Courtney is a full -time mother. Her husband Jamie is 29 years old and works at the crematorium. The two raised three daughters together.

During the epidemic, Courtney was surprised to find that although he had always taken contraceptives, he was still pregnant …

Both she and her husband believed that she was unable to raise her fourth child, so she decided to kill it.She calculated the date and determined that she was pregnant for seven weeks.

On the day when she received the drug, she took Methel. At night, she calculated the same time and took the second drug Morne’s frontol.

The process of drug flow is very painful …

Courtney recalled the scene at the time, and still felt the kind of torment. After taking four Miso, "it started immediately and it was completed in a few hours. But it really hurts, it is very strong painful pain.","

"I have a lot of blood … Because I was warned that I might see the fetus, so I have been sitting on the toilet and dare not see it."

"I finally chose to lie in the bathtub to relieve the pain. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. This was much worse than I expected. It hurts, and everything my body has suffered is very terrible."

"Although I don’t want to get pregnant, I also hate the idea of throwing my child into the toilet. However, when everything is over, I think I have made the right choice."

Courtney’s drug flow is over,

Afterwards, no doctor or nurse followed up and asked her how the situation was.After a few weeks, there was a phone call to remind her to use the pregnancy test stick.

Then, the nightmare of Courtney appeared …

After three weeks of "DIY abortion" according to the guidance on the booklet, she found that the result of the pregnancy test stick was still two bars (pregnancy)!

Why is this?

Courtney tried to comfort himself, saying that it was caused by the disturbance of the residual pregnancy hormone.But after many pregnancy tests, she can no longer deceive herself -although she has experienced such painful drugs, she is still pregnant!Abortion failed!

She quickly contacted the Marie Stopes Clinic and made an appointment for the ultrasonic examination next week.

"I was warned that pregnancy might continue, but I hurt so much and had so much blood. I thought my medicine was very successful."

"I’m really anxious, I want to know what’s going on."

She said that if the test result is pregnancy, she has to go to the flow of people.

Courtney faces the problem that every woman does not want to face, but since the implementation of ‘DIY abortion in the UK ", this is not an example … According to statistics from British Pregnancy Consultation Services (BPAS),

There are 3 pregnant women who use 1009 weeks of pregnancy during the nine weeks of pregnancy.

If the pregnancy time is 9-10 weeks, it will rise to 7 of the 100 miles of subsequent surgery.

Therefore, the opposition to the policy believes that this approach is not small and unsafe for pregnant women.

Perhaps for pregnant women, the more intuitive problem is that the entire abortion process is too simple.Although it was also used in the past, the first drug of pregnant women was taken after being evaluated by the clinic, but now this step is "simplified".

For many people, abortion is still a major event after all. They want to communicate more with doctors and be taken care of, but now they are not.

According to a woman interviewed, she quickly got the pills after providing a reason she wanted to have a miscarriage, faster than shopping, and no one asked her specific situation carefully.

After taking medicine, she was not as good as death, but no one could seek help, and the doctor did not supervise and return to her.

Coupled with the emotional turbulence brought by the miscarriage itself, she felt very painful.

In addition, what is even more worrying is that

When the abortion policy is "relaxed" with the epidemic, some pregnant women with health problems or pregnant women who do not meet the requirements will risk abortion in this way, or adopt a more dangerous alternative method.Organicity believes that the government does not take into account the physical and mental health of women, the risk of forced women to abandon, women’s use of other people’s prescription drug abortion, and maybe pregnant women have obviously more than ten weeks of pregnancy, but they still choose to take these drugs.Abortion.

And such a tragedy has happened …

This week, there are reports, saying that

A 28 -week woman who was pregnant has drilled the vacuum of new policies for drug flow. Her pregnancy is far exceeding the abortion limit stipulated in the law and the ten -week period of the drug flow.

After taking the medicine, her child died in his fetus.

BPAS confirmed that the incident did happen and said that according to the survey, eight women also used drugs in addition to limited pregnancy.

From this point of view, "DIY abortion" does have a lot of risks and deficiencies.

But on the other hand, this policy brings some "progress" and has received support from many institutions, such as BPAS, Marie Stopes International Organization and Royal Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

They believe that in addition to preventing pregnant women from infected with new coronary viruses, this method can also be urgent, protects women’s rights, and gives women more options.

They point out that when the policy is not passed, many disadvantaged women have turned to the Internet and seeking abortion through illegal channels, which is even more dangerous.

BPAS’s external affairs director said that "the rapid establishment of early pregnancy services at the beginning of the crisis broke out is a remarkable achievement in the field of women’s health care, which can allow women to safely get the need at home."

She mentioned the case where pregnant women still take drugs during pregnancy, "We are investigating specific cases. But it is clear that the entire framework provides women with huge health benefits and minimizes the relevant risks."

BPAS also said that since the implementation of the policy, they have issued more than 8,000 "DIY abortion basic packages" to help many people solve problems.

Although this method has certain risks, for most people, it is still a security method for helping for help.

The same point of view mentioned in the Royal Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology, "The consensus of experts is that women taking this drug in their own residences is safer, more effective and tolerant, and avoids the trouble of bleeding and pain during the journey."

The medical director of Marie Stopes Britain added that "remote medical care can increase the channels of women (abortion), especially those weak group women, such as those who may face objects to be abused and forced them to continue pregnancy."

This statement is not unreasonable.

Because for many disadvantaged women, they do not know the risk of drug flow, but they have no choice in the predicament.There is no hope of pregnancy during the new crown period that will undoubtedly add more pressure on them.

And this remote medical treatment can ensure that women retain various choices about their bodies, so that they do not need to risk risks to find unreliable methods.

The Herfenton Post reported a case recently.

Kate from the United Kingdom found that she was unexpectedly pregnant. She had three children at the age of 40 and was in love.She asked her boyfriend why she was pregnant, after all, they have always used condoms.

The other party admitted that there were some means to play with contraceptives because "he wanted to build a more serious relationship with him."

"I’m really angry and bombed. I feel violated." Kate said.But because of some new crown symptoms at the time, she was in a 14 -day isolation and could not go to the clinic.

So she called the general doctor, and the other party asked her to contact BPAS. Then she learned the policy of abortion at home and obtained her "DIY abortion basic package" and successfully solved the problem.

The entire policy also helped many women like Kate.

"We know that even if there is no epidemic, many women cannot go to the clinic because they do not have an epidemic."

"Women who are in the relationship between forced or abuse, if their abusers find that they are pregnant, they cannot go to the clinic." "In order to protect vulnerable women, the policy of mailing abortion drugs must be kept."

Today, the new policy of British abortion, the two parties supporting and opposing are still arguing.

On the one hand, it is believed that abortion at home is not desirable, and there are risks and no supervision. On the other hand, it is believed that this can protect women and give them more options …

I hope that one day, you can come up with a better way to get a better way to solve the problem of bilateral …

At present, COURTNEY BARNES is still waiting anxiously to check the inspection next week to understand whether she is still pregnant. Although she has tried the drug flow at home, her experience has not ended …

And this kind of pain and difficulty are really difficult to say.

When the UK is still on a fierce debate on whether the policy is good or not, in the other side of the world, the situation seems to be more extreme …

In some conservative states, there are also officials in the name of the new crown epidemic, secretly obstructing the legal process of female abortion in the state …

During the popularity of the new crown epidemic, in order to ensure sufficient medical resources, many "unnecessary" medical procedures were temporarily suspended.

In this background, some conservative officials and anti -abortion advocates believe that abortion is "unnecessary", which has led to a clear name of multiple states and prohibited the program.

In Texas, the governor issued an administrative order on March 22, which temporarily banned unnecessary medical procedures.The Chief Prosecutor stated on the 23rd that all other abortions were banned unless "endangering the life of pregnant women."

The reason is that abortion will consume the scarce medical resources required for the treatment of new crown patients.Violators will face a fine of 1,000 US dollars, 180 days of imprisonment and revocation of medical licenses.

Subsequently, this decree was overturned several times and reorganized several times.

Until April 22, Texas was reopened, and the policy of prohibiting non -necessary medical procedures was relaxed, and the abortion ban ended completely.

In Oklahoma, Alabama and Tennessee,

The governor also orders in March to prohibit all types of abortion services or artificial abortion.

Fortunately, these ban were "shot" by the local judges, allowing the abortion clinic to continue to be open during the epidemic in the abortion clinic.

In Ohio, the director of the Health Bureau issued an order on March 17 to prohibit the "unnecessary" surgery to preserve personal protection equipment.The governor also said that unless the life of pregnant women is dangerous, artificial abortion can be performed during the period of great popularity.

Then the Attorney General and Deputy Prosecutor gave a letter to the aborted clinic, asking them to "stop undergoing non -essential and selective abortion surgery immediately."Causes unnecessary risks. "

But the problem is that according to Ohio law, abortion is prohibited by more than 22 weeks of pregnancy.If this limit is exceeded, it is still impossible to abandon.

After receiving the letter, there were two clinics in Ohio very "just". They said that they were obeying this order, but "abortion surgery" is "necessary" medical surgery, so it will not stop providing abortion services.

In Iowa, the situation is almost the same.

The governor initially listed abortion as unnecessary medical procedures and stated that abortion was temporarily prohibited because of great popularity and temporarily.

But then, the local abortion clinic submitted a petition, arguing that the order violated the rights of women stipulated in the national constitution and "seriously endangered their health, safety and welfare".

The prosecutor came forward to explain, stating that the prohibition of abortion was not a package of ban, and the specific situation would be considered.

In the end, the clinic stated that they would refer to the governor’s order, and continued abortion surgery according to the situation of pregnant women, which can be regarded as a consensus.

In Arkansas, the situation should be slightly complicated.

At the beginning, the Ministry of Health of Arkansas issued an order to require all surgery. As long as the patient does not die, it will not use permanent physical damage, which can be delayed.

The Chief Prosecutor then pointed out that the order was also applicable in abortion. As long as there is no crisis of mothers’ lives, it cannot be miscarriage.It is also said that once you caught the offender, you will be "decisive".

However, some local clinics did not obey and continued to provide services.

Subsequently, the state health department issued a "stop and termination order" to one of them, and even sent representatives to the clinic to stop them immediately.

The contradictions were immediately exposed. On April 13, the US Citizen Freedom Alliance sued the Arkansas government and asked the local court to overthrow the ban on abortion.

A federal judge was overturned, but then it was revoked by the Eighth Tour of the United States. The final result was that most of the abortion surgery was banned, but it could choose the drug flow.

Mississippi, Indiana and Utah,

It also discussed or released restrictions, but if the effect is not good, the clinic has been open.

To sum up, the restrictions on abortion during the new crown period are shown below.

Although the ban has not been implemented for a long time,

But a few words are still difficult to depict the struggles and pains faced by women with abortion in that environment.

According to media reports, many pregnant women had to go to other states for abortion surgery after the discovery of abortion in Texas.

Due to home orders, some states are forbidden to enter, or demand for 14 days of isolation, which greatly increases the cost that pregnant women need to bear.

"The bus line is closed, the airline cancels the flight, the hotel’s closure or or bearing capacity decreases. In order to be able to abandon, in three or four days, we have to transfer people from one hotel to anotherThe regional organizational organization said.

In the past, they were in the second trimester or pregnant women in the second trimester of pregnancy, but recently many pregnant women in the early pregnancy have also been desperate and went to them to seek help.

The abortion policy during the new crown period reflects the entire United States’ attitude towards abortion -the south and the central and western regions are increasingly opposed, and there are more channels for the East and West Straits.

Many medical organizations and human rights groups have publicly criticized for the restrictions on abortion in the United States.

The American Medical Association said, "Although many doctors and health care workers are at the forefront of resistance, unfortunately, election officials in some states are using this moment to mark the program as" non -emergency "in order to prohibit or extremely extremeLimit women’s demand for reproductive health care. "

Many medical organizations even issued a joint statement saying, "Abortion should not be listed as a procedure that can be delayed during the epidemic. Abortion is a basic component of comprehensive health care. At the same time, it is also a very pair of time.Sensitive medical services, so delay for a few weeks, sometimes even instructions to delay for a few days, may increase risks and even cause miscarriage. "

UN human rights experts also publicly accused the United States of these states and use the new crown epidemic to restrict abortion measures.

The United Nations eliminates a statement on Women’s and girls’ discrimination working group members on Wednesday, and expressed regret that Duozhou’s "seemed to be manipulating the crisis" to curb women’s reproduction.

Experts believe that abortion is one of the most basic medical care and must be feasible during the epidemic.

What’s more, the result of this ban is forcing women to run to abortion in other states, so when the risk of virus infection is said, it will not be established at all …

They also said that limiting information and services to obtain reproductive health, including abortion and contraception, is a violation of human rights.In this matter, it is also "natural discrimination" for women, making them unable to completely control their bodies and life.

Elizabeth Broderick said, "Because of refusing to provide abortion services that are very sensitive to time, these officials have made women dangerous and exacerbated systemic inequality."

But what the United Nations can do is just criticism …

Both the British and the United States are enough to explain,

The impact of the new crown epidemic on the rights of abortion is far beyond imagination. How exactly the abortion policy will develop in the future is still confusing. CD3


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