Buy a bottle of Maotai 3 catties of peppers!Sakura peppers sell up to 300 yuan per catty!Where is the bottom?

Pepper is a very important vegetable category in the daily life of Chinese people. It can be used for side dishes or main dishes, especially for people in spicy areas such as Sichuan and Hunan, without pepper to eat.

Ordinary chili can be eaten as ordinary dishes, but if this kind of pepper really wants to eat him as a dish, it really makes people a bit worried about "puppets".Because this pepper is known as the ceiling of the pepper, you can buy a bottle of Moutai with 3 pounds of pepper.

It is the Camusam Port Chili, which has sold a sky price of 328 yuan per catty.

Jiang Shuo, from Yueyang, Hunan, said, said, "When the chili pepper was launched in April, my peppers were the most expensive for 300 yuan per catty." Jiang Shuo was from Yueyang, Hunan, and his father was engaged in vegetable planting of peppers and other vegetables.There are more than ten years of experience. Now Jiang Shuo also follows his father for pepper business. A total of 80 acres of pepper has been planted in the family. His father is responsible for planting. Jiang Shuo is responsible for selling peppers through a platform and other platforms.

In May, the yield of chili peppers in Zhangshu Port increased, and now the wholesale price of the place of production is about 30 yuan a pound. Although the price has declined, it is still more than ten times more expensive than ordinary green peppers.

In terms of varieties, Jushu Port Pepper is a purebred variety left by the artificial breeding of people in Zhangshu Town, Xiangyin County, Yueyang City, Hunan Province.As an open -air precocious pepper, camphor port pepper starts in October each year. It is transplanted in February of the following year. It can harvest the first batch of peppers at the end of April and early May.At this time, the price is expensive, and the price of two or three hundred yuan can be seen.

Secondly, the chili pepper of Zhangshu Port is used as vegetables, and the flesh is not separated, and the taste is more crispy and tender.In addition, the peppers of different mature periods have different tastes. The early pepper pepper is slightly spicy and sweet, the mid -term is spicy and crispy, and the later period is spicy and fragrant. It is also welcomed by high -end restaurants.Among Jiang Shuo’s customer group, one or two high -end restaurants in the province are regularly ordered to order goods.

In addition, the unique growth conditions have created the uniqueness of Zhangshu Port peppers.Xiangyin County, Zhangshu Town, is a subtropical monsoon humid climate. The fourth period of the red earth is rich in organic matter. The local terrain conditions form a "small basin", which creates a natural ecological environment suitable for the growth of chili growth in the area.

It is understood that last year, the planting area of chili in Changshu Port was more than 10,000 acres, and the output was 12,000 tons.As a big country consumed as a pepper, these outputs are placed nationwide and are scarce products, and the price is naturally expensive.

In addition, the high investment cost is also an important factor in the high price of chili in camphor port.Ordinary pepper seedlings are priced at 0.3 yuan each, and the price of chili seedlings at Zhangshu Port is at 3 yuan, which is 10 times that of ordinary pepper seedlings.Coupled with the cost of greenhouses, water costs, labor, etc. during planting, it is also an important cost of pepper planting.

The high price in the market has attracted the attention of many people.Driven by interests, individual people use chili in other regions to pretend to make money.

Therefore, in order to better protect the agricultural products with regional characteristics of Zhangshu Port, the state officially implemented the registered and protection of the geographical indication of agricultural product in 2018, among which the regional area of "Camphor Port Pepper" is defined, that is, Zhangshu Town, Xiangyin County8 villages (communities) including Wenyi New Village, Longjia New Village, and Zhangshu Port Community under their jurisdiction.

In the small town where Jiang Shuo is located, there are many people in the local area planted with chili pepper.Jiang Shuo also specially applied to the local government for the use of the name of the "Campan Port Pepper".Jiang Shuo said that farmers who meet the plant production standards can get the authorization book, which is also to better protect the regional brand.

There are nearly 80 acres of peppers in Jiang Shuo’s family, and the output of acres of acres is about 2500 kilograms.Although it is said that the chili peppers in Zhangshu Port can be sold for 300 yuan per pound.The output of the first stubble peppers and good quality, the price is expensive. After late May, the production of pepper is more, and the price will naturally decrease.At this time, the sale of peppers should also be classified for pepper. The general price of ordinary pepper peppers is 25 yuan per catty.

Now there are many peppers, and Jiang Shuo also sells thousands of pounds of peppers every day through a acres of field platforms."Buyers on the platform have no opinion on this price. They are often purchased. They also understand the quality of chili pepper in Zhangshu Port, and relatively speaking, they have a fixed sales channel. ThereforeDon’t worry about the road. "

Jiang Shuo said that from the listing period of the chili peppers planted by his family to August, a batch of mature peppers can now be collected every day, and it has been scheduled to ensure the freshness of the peppers to the greatest extent.

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