C Luo’s girlfriend is a pregnant belly belt four baby to the court, 11 -year -old mini Luo is high -grade, loves the youngest sister

On March 28, local time, Portuguese star Kristiano Ronaldo (Ronaldo )’s girlfriend-Georgena Rodriguez shared several warm photos on social media, and wrote "I am the best in the world and the world.Those who love me have a perfect weekend. "

Georgena, wearing a Barbie pink suit jacket, looked at the camera angrily. It seemed that she didn’t make makeup.However, this has nothing to do with her pregnancy. In fact, as a lady in the fashion circle, Georgen also puts on high heels during pregnancy. But this time, because she was with the children, she completely relaxedCome down.

Three of the four children look as good as their mothers. Eva, who only has one of the dragon and phoenix tires, is not interested in the camera and plays with himself.

And like Ronaldo, which has a "small curly noodle curly" mini Luo, it looks like he is very high, not much shorter than Georgena.The boy who had regarded his father as an idol since he was a child has entered the U12 team of Manchester United.

Georgena, 27, is breeding the dragon and phoenix, which is also the second pregnancy in her life.

Although Cristiano Ronaldo already has a pair of dragon and phoenixes, Eva and Matio, they were born in the United States, and the identity of the biological mother is a secret.But because the two children were taken care of by George since they were young, in their eyes, their mother was Georgena.George is also full of motherly love for them, which is no different from her biological children.

George also said when sharing the photo, "Echando de Menos A Papá).This sentence obviously said in the tone of the child. Ronaldo was not in the UK before, but returned to his hometown Portugal to prepare for the World Cup.

It is reported that the Portuguese team will compete with the North Maleon team to advance.Although it sounds like a match with a good victory and defeat, because the North Malaysia team defeated Italy before, even if Ronaldo and Pepe played, Portugal could not take it lightly.

After the training, mini Luo even picked up the youngest sister Alana Martina to show his teammates, showing the good brother’s style. It can be seen that the little handsome guy really loves this sister who has the same curly hair as her.Essence

Arana Martina is George’s biological daughter. His big eyes are very much like a mother, and the strong expression is exactly the same as Georgena.From some photos, it can be known that Alana Martina is obviously the most loved child in Ronaldo, and thinks that this baby daughter looks exactly the same as she was a child.

Georgena, who watched the battle on the sidelines, was also comfortable. It was very comfortable to lean on a folding chair to eat snacks.

Compared to her sister Arana Matinine, Eva is more dependent on George, and Georgena also enjoys such a wonderful time.Of course, she did not forget to show her Hermes Platinum bag. Although it was not the most luxurious one in the collection, it was enough to show her rich woman’s identity.

George also showed a handmade picture with her three children at home. I have to say that her facial face is really beautiful. The edges and corners are very clear, so she is also good -looking.And even in the third trimester, there is no obvious blessing, and basically it has achieved "long fetus does not have meat".

Of course, George did not forget to "by the way" to show the mansion located in Manchester. The crystal ceiling showed luxury, and it was in line with George’s taste.And a bunch of pink roses should be the Mother’s Day gift she received, because on the 27th (Sunday), it was British Mother’s Day. Although Georgena was the Spanish, she also entered the countryside.

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