Can "bad things" during pregnancy?Gynecologist: Yes, but you must pay attention at 3 points

After being pregnant, in order to welcome the arrival of new life, the husband and wife forced to change many of the bad problems on their bodies.Especially in the early days of pregnancy, the surrounding elders and doctors have repeatedly instructed to prohibit the same room.This provision made many Bao dads miserable.

One Bao mother said that she was scared at the beginning and was always worried about the problem, so she never let her husband touch herself.That is, three months after the confinement of pregnancy, I was in the same room with her husband.Her husband is rough, in case something wrong, afraid of affecting the baby in the stomach.

So can you do "bad things" during pregnancy?Gynecologists said that theoretically, there is no strict regulation during pregnancy that cannot be in the same room. It is possible to properly do the same room without affecting pregnant women and fetuses.However, in the same room during pregnancy, there are three o’clock to pay attention to, otherwise it will hurt both pregnant women and babies.

1. The first 3 months of pregnancy

In the first three months of pregnancy, the same room was not allowed. Even if the husband was uncomfortable, he must overcome difficulties.Because the fetal development of this period is still very fragile and unstable, and the interest of Baoma will not be very interesting during this period. It is likely that the same room is likely to cause miscarriage. This is a very dangerous behavior.

2. 5 to 8 months of pregnancy

At this stage, the fetus was relatively stable in the mother’s belly. There was no big problem in the same room in the same room during this period.Not only that, some pregnant mothers are influenced by hormones, and their interests are quite high, so the same room is possible during this period.

3. After 36 weeks of pregnancy

During this period, it is also impossible to do the same room. After the 36th week of pregnancy, this stage is the fetal entry. The placenta position is relatively low. At this time, the danger of the same room is relatively high, which is easy to cause premature birth.

In addition, when the same room during pregnancy, the husband and wife must pay attention to some situations

First, you must pay attention to hygiene when you are in the same room. Instead of resistance during pregnancy, if any party has inflammation, it will not be allowed to have the same room.

Second, when in the same room, you must pay attention to posture and movements. Try not to be too fierce as much as possible, so as not to overwhelm your baby.At the same time, if pregnant women feel uncomfortable or abnormal in their bodies, they should stop immediately.

Third, do not be too frequent, control the time, and do not last too long.And during this period, it is best to wear protective equipment in the same room to avoid bacterial infections.

Therefore, the same room during pregnancy is possible, but pay attention to time, hygiene and other issues.However, if the pregnant woman is not interested, Dad should not be too compulsive. For the safety of the wife and baby, sometimes it is calm.

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