Can a dog drink yogurt?You have been raising dogs for many years, you don’t necessarily know

Whether dogs can drink yogurt are the doubts of many shoveling officials. Even some pet owners who have raised dogs for many years do not necessarily know. In fact, dogs can drink yogurt. Not only can they drink but also have a lot of good.

Benefit 1: Help dog digestion

Yogurt is obtained after fermentation of lactic acid bacteria. After fermented yogurt, there are not only bisidobacteria, but also a flora that is beneficial to dogs such as lactic acid bacteria.Digest food.

Benefit 2: Improve dog resistance

The nutritional value of yogurt is very high. It contains protein, rich vitamins, calcium and other ingredients that are beneficial to dogs. Long -term drinking yogurt can increase the resistance of dogs.Help.

Benefit 3: Increase the appetite of dogs

Because yogurt can help dogs digest, digestion quickly, and naturally easier to be hungry, if your dog causes loss of appetite because of weather, illness, estrus, etc.Mix some yogurt for them to eat them so that they can improve their appetite.

Benefit 4: Relieve dog skin discomfort

Yogurt also has the effect of alleviating dog skin discomfort. If dogs have some skin problems, you can feed the dog with yogurt, which can reduce the pain of dog skin discomfort, but if the skin disease is serious, yogurt will not top it.For use, you still have to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Benefit 5: The problem of improving dog odor

A large part of the dog’s bad breath is caused by the stomach. Drink some yogurt for the dog appropriately. The probiotics in the yogurt can help the dog regulate intestinal discomfort, thereby improving bad breath.Usually, the owner should pay attention to cleaning the teeth for dogs, or prepare some small snacks with molars to teeth, which can also help the dog fresh breath.

1. Do not feed yogurt containing lignol

Especially for some sugar -free yogurt, the pet owners should pay special attention. Now some sugar -free yogurt on the market is made of alcohol instead of other natural sugar, and lignol is poison for dogs.Food will cause poisoning, and the pet owner must pay attention to identification.

2. Don’t feed ice yogurt

Some shoveling officers will hide the yogurt in the refrigerator because the weather is too hot, and let the dog relieve the heat.This is not possible. As long as it is ice, it will cause irritation to the dog’s gastrointestinal, cause gastrointestinal discomfort, dilute and other symptoms. For the health of the dog, it is enough to feed yogurt and feed at room temperature.

3. Choose the original yogurt fermented by raw milk

When choosing yogurt, the pet owners do not choose yogurt containing chocolate ingredients. Dogs cannot eat chocolate. They drink yogurt with chocolate ingredients.The yogurt, the lactose inside makes the dog diarrhea after drinking.

4. Drink yogurt for dogs in an appropriate amount

The shoveling officer should not drink the dog every day because the yogurt is good for the dog. When the dogs drink too much, they will have gastrointestinal problems. It is enough to drink a week to drink a dog once or twice.

If your dog has gastrointestinal discomfort, it is really appropriate to feed yogurt, and it is best to choose a dog food that cares for intestinal tract, which can effectively improve the dog’s intestinal environment.

Conclusion: Does your dog love to drink yogurt?

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