Can couples be in the same room during pregnancy?Does it affect the baby in the abdomen? The gynecologist said so

It is best to avoid the same room before 12 weeks of pregnancy

Because the placenta has not yet been stable, any wind blowing in the uterus may increase the risk of miscarriage; the last month of the pregnancy is also best to avoid the same room, because the maternal belly is bulging and the movement is inconvenient, the risk of premature birth may increase the same room.

White underwear on the background of the gray pain of white people pregnant women with abdominal pain

Proper sexual life in the middle of pregnancy

Week in the middle of pregnancy (13–28), the placenta has been formed, and the pregnancy is relatively stable; the early pregnancy response has passed, and the sexual life is moderate, which is beneficial to the healthy development of husband and wife and the fetus.During pregnancy, the couple’s feelings are harmonious and affectionate, pregnant women are happy, and can effectively promote the growth and development of the fetus, but they must also pay attention to safety and not be too frequent.

After the third trimester (29 weeks), try to minimize the same room as much as possible

Because the pregnant mother’s abdomen is obviously swollen, the body shape and weight change significantly, the body is bulky, the back is sore, and the sexual desire is reduced.The sensitivity of the uterine is increased, and any external stimulus can easily cause uterine contraction to cause premature birth.

After 36 weeks of pregnancy, the same room is strictly prohibited. At this time, the fetus starts to decline. The same room is easy to open the mouth of the palace, causing bacterial infections, causing premature membrane, premature birth and intrauterine infection.

Here are some common sense of popular science

1. The cervix of women during pregnancy is closed. The length of the cervix itself is about 3 cm.Therefore, in the same room during pregnancy, the male penis cannot be exposed to the amniotic sac, nor does it cause water breaking and abortion.

2. Not all women can do the same room during pregnancy. For pregnant women with a complete pre -placenta, the same room is strictly prohibited during pregnancy.In front of the placenta, women are prone to vaginal bleeding repeatedly during pregnancy, and the stimulation of the same room will increase the risk of bleeding.

For patients with premature breaking fetal membranes in gestational weeks, if they are treated with fetal protection, the same room is also strictly prohibited, otherwise the risk of infection in the fetal palace may be increased.

3. During the same room, we must wear condoms in the same room, although women cannot conceive a baby again during pregnancy.Because prostinine in men’s semen may stimulate uterine contraction and cause abortion or premature birth, men remember to bring a sleeve.

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