Can couples in the same room during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a major event in life. It is a very joyful thing to be a parent.However, the sexual life of husband and wife is inevitable. During pregnancy, it can be said that many young couples have troubled many young couples. Some women will refuse their husband’s sexual requirements throughout pregnancy. Therefore, there are not a few contradictions.So, the most worried question for expectant parents is whether it can live sex during pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to?Let ’s learn about related knowledge with you!It is not only to ensure that pregnant mothers pass the pregnancy during pregnancy, but also make the prospective father happy.

Sexuality at all stages of pregnancy is particular

The entire process of women from pregnancy to fetal delivery is about 280 days, and every 28 days is called a pregnancy month, a total of 10 pregnancy months. Therefore, people often say that they are pregnant in October. These ten months are also known as pregnancy.Usually the first three months is called early pregnancy, 4 months in the middle is the middle of pregnancy, and the latter three months is called late pregnancy, and the two months after childbirth are called puerperium.

In October, the sexual life of husband and wife is inevitable.In the early and late stages of pregnancy, if you want to live sex, you need to choose the same room according to the different characteristics of the fetus.

1. In the early stages of pregnancy: During the 3 months in the early pregnancy, the embryo and the placenta are gradually forming, and the adhesion of the embryo is not strong enough. When sexual intercourse, it will easily cause the fetus to lose blood supply.Therefore, it is advisable to control the intercourse as much as possible in the early stages of pregnancy. It is advisable to be less than 4 times a month.

2. In the middle of pregnancy: In the second trimester, hormone secretion in expectant mothers gradually increases, which will lead to the increase in sexual needs of prospective mothers.At this time, the placenta has been formed. In a relatively stable condition, the fetus can be appropriately living, but it is advisable to take it 1-2 times a week.At the same time, it should be noted that because your fingers are easy to scratch the vagina, you cannot insert your fingers into the vagina of the mother.During sexual intercourse, the position cannot compress the abdomen of the expectant mother, and the man’s genitals should not penetrate the woman’s vagina.

3. In the third trimester: 3 months in the second trimester, the sensitivity of the uterus will be enhanced, and sexual life will stimulate the uterus, which will cause premature birth or bleeding infection.Therefore, try to avoid the occurrence of sexual life, you can use caressing to replace sexual intercourse in the second trimester, and can also enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

What are the cases of not sex for pregnant women

There are some pregnant women who are not suitable for sex even if they are in the middle of pregnancy.For example, the B -ultrasound indicates that the fetal placenta attachment is abnormal. Pregnant women near the uterine mouth are very prone to miscarriage if they have sexual life, so sexual life is prohibited.In particular, the following situations must be prohibited from getting off during pregnancy:

1. Have an outpalite experience;

2. There are a small amount of amniotic fluid;

3. Have an experience or high abortion risk;

4. Vaginal bleeding, abnormal secretions or vaginal spasm;

5. Placenta front (placenta is attached to the lower section of the uterus, and even covers the inner mouth of the cervix);

6, cervical inner mouth relaxation (relaxation of cervical pipes).

Precautions for expectant parents to know during pregnancy

Although experts say that sexual life can be performed during pregnancy, many expectant mothers and prospective dads are still worried that they will affect the baby.In fact, as long as you grasp the position and master the precautions, you can easily enjoy the perfect sexual life during pregnancy. The specific precautions are as follows:

1. Do a good job of personal hygiene: Both sides must clean your lower body before and after sex. Don’t forget to clean your hands to avoid causing bacterial infections.

2. Don’t be too intense, you can understand this truth.During the intercourse, do not insert too much in the intercourse. When you orgasm, you should slowly twitch and do not change your position frequently during the climax.In the process of having sex, if the expectant mother feels uncomfortable, such as the swelling of the abdomen or pain, dizziness, etc., may be caused by the lack of movement. At this time, it should be temporarily interrupted for a while.

3. Choose a position that does not oppress the abdomen: Pregnancy is an opportunity for the couple to explore and experience different positions. You can try and experience the position of the appropriate pregnancy. Generally speaking, the abdomen of the pregnant woman will not cause compression.

How long does it take to restore sex after giving birth

Within two months after childbirth, the uterus and nearby muscle tissue are recovering, and sexual transactions cause infection and damage.At this time, it should be restored to his wife’s caressing behavior, which helps his wife to restore sexual desire and prepare for the restarting sexual life.In addition, the postpartum sex life must also do a good job of contraception, and even if the menstruation has not been restored, contraception should be.Because the physiological phenomenon of ovulation appears before menstruation, you do n’t know when you have a tide of menstruation, so before menstruation, sexual life occurs at any time, and if you do n’t do contraceptive protection, you may be pregnant.

KK reminder: In sexual life, if abnormalities, such as stomach pain, guiding blood, etc., they must immediately stop sexual life. If there is no relief, they should seek medical treatment in time.

KK Network Editor: Zonghan

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