Can crabs be miscarriage and can not eat?Reminder: The real dietary taboo of pregnant women is actually these 2 points

The deliciousness of crabs must be said.

Even the famous poet Ouyang Xiu praised him, and he couldn’t forget the fat crabs in the illness, so he left a song- "When the new autumn crab is fat, I can’t wait to get drunk and say goodbye."

Especially when watching a red on the steamer, there is yellow in the red, glowing in the steam just dispersed. After a little cooling, one hand holds the warm crab body, and the other hand holds the crab umbilicus.Essence

You only need to "click" to open, the crab yellow, which is oily and shiny, no matter who it is, you can’t refuse the deliciousness in this essence.

We have no other name. Everyone is a diner that is regardless of our body, because this crab is too delicious.

However, this kind of deliciousness also makes one type of people want to eat but dare not eat, that is-pregnant woman.

Why can’t pregnant women eat crabs?

The folk spreads that crabs can cause miscarriage, but there is actually no medical basis.

If you really eat crabs, you can have a miscarriage, so why do there be so many abortion surgery in the world?Just a crab is just a good hand,

There are two main parts that can be eaten by crabs-crab meat and crab yellow, which are rich in protein and fat, and a small amount of minerals. These are the essential nutrients of the human body.

Therefore, after proper consumption of crabs, there will not be much harm to the human body, and there will be no risk of abortion.

For pregnant women with seafood allergic, crabs are indeed best not to eat

Crab is high -protein food, and it belongs to a kind of allergens, which can easily cause allergies and may cause severe diarrhea and other symptoms.Not only affects the health of pregnant women, it may also occur.

Real diet taboos are actually these:

1. Do not eat partially

Pregnant women’s diet must pay attention to nutritional matching, so as not to picky eaters, partial eclipse, and dishes.Add vitamins, protein, cellulose and various nutrients every day.

It is matched with vegetables and does not overeating.It can not only avoid excessive obesity or malnutrition in pregnant women, but also provide more nutrients for the fetus.

But there are many pregnant women who like to eat some meat, such as pork ribs, bones, trotters, and animal internal organs.These foods contain a large amount of fat, which can easily lead to high blood viscosity in pregnant women, thereby suffering from various types of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

And if pregnant women do not eat meat and eat only some fruits and vegetables, it is easy to cause malnutrition in the body, which seriously threatens the normal development of the fetus.

2. Restriction of eating high sugar food

Many pregnant women like to eat high sugar foods, such as various cakes, chocolates, honey, dried fruits, and various candy, or sugar -containing drinks.

These high -sugar foods can easily cause pregnant women to suffer from gestational diabetes, which not only threatens the health of pregnant women, but also causes excessive fetal fetuses, affects normal production, but also has certain harm to fetal health.

In addition, it should be noted that pregnant women should not eat too much high salt food, such as various kimchi, or processing meat and fish, which can easily suffer from pregnancy hypertension.

What should I eat for pregnant women?

In fact, as long as the ingredients can ensure hygiene and allergies, pregnant women have nothing to do during pregnancy.A reasonable and diverse diet can provide balanced nutrition, and at the same time make pregnant mothers and babies in the belly truly benefit.

Therefore, in the diet, other foods rich in various nutrients should be appropriately paired.

Whether it is fruits or vegetables, fish, and some lean meat, soy products, dairy products, and grains, three meals a day must be matched.

These foods can provide sufficient nutrition to the fetus and have great effects on pregnant women’s own health.

When pregnant women are pregnant, they must pay attention to the combination of nutrition. Foods rich in various nutrients must be properly matched with some, which can provide a lot of nutrients for themselves and their fetuses.

It is important to emphasize that the food needs to be cooked during the cooking process.

You know, the fetus is mainly caused by the infection of the food -based infection. It is mainly Liji infection. Therefore, in principle, it needs to be cooked thoroughly. Generally, the heating temperature ≤85 ° C is safer.

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