Can crabs feel pain as a vertebrate?Is it a killing animal? Is it a killing animal?

Crab is a creature of nodular animal doors, methagulus doors, soft armor, real soft armor, full -footed, peritibin sub -eyes, short tails, and farming with lobster and shrimp.

Their shells are very hard, with hemispherical or circular, with many small teeth on the surface.Crab usually has two pliers and eight feet. The body is divided into head, chest, abdomen, and back.Crab is a kind of omnivorous animal, and their foods include seaweed, small fish and other small creatures.

Whether crabs can feel pain have always been a controversial topic.Many people think that crabs are vertebrates without nervous system, so they cannot feel pain.However, some scientific research shows that crabs may feel pain.

The nervous system of crabs is relatively simple, but the number of neurons is not small.The number of neurons in crabs is about 100,000. Although it is not as good as the number of neurons in mammals, it is enough to allow them to perform some basic perception and response.

For example, crabs can perceive the stimulation of temperature, light, vibration, and make corresponding reactions, such as escape or avoid.

In recent years of scientific research, some researchers have obtained some conclusions about whether crabs can feel pain through their response and observation of crabs.

One study shows that crabs try to escape before being cooked by hot water, which shows that they may feel pain before cooking.Another study found that crabs release pressurein and other chemicals when they are stimulated, which is a reaction of pain feeling.

The general practice of crabs was once criticized by many people, and most people use live or steaming crabs. This is a controversial approach.Some people think this is a killing animal, because crabs feel pain at high temperatures.

People who oppose this method believe that crabs are food, and human beings are also righteous.No matter what views have a certain reason, but should humans try to use more humanely to kill crabs?

Crab feels pain in high temperature environments.When the temperature rises, the crab releases chemicals to adapt to the environment.These chemicals may cause pain.Therefore, this method of steaming crabs is not only inhuman, but also may also be harmful to human health.

Some people provide more humane crabs. A better method is to cut off the crab’s brain with a knife and immediately kill it.This method can avoid pain in crabs, and can also ensure food hygiene and safety.

In addition, putting crabs in frozen water is also a more humane way to kill crabs, so that they can coma in a few minutes and then die.

In the human food chain, crabs are a very delicious food.In the process of eating crabs, we should use more humanely kill them as much as possible.

The results of these studies show that crabs may feel pain.Although the nervous system of crabs is relatively simple, they also have some basic perception and response ability.Therefore, we should use more humanely kill crabs as much as possible to reduce their pain.

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