Can eating contraceptives pregnant?

Many people feel that they will not get pregnant after taking contraceptives, but why are there still many people around them and they are pregnant. Why?

First of all, let’s popularize the emergency contraceptive pill. It refers to the most commonly used method of drug contraceptives to prevent pregnancy in a period of time after a period of no protective sexual life or the failure of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.Female friends can consider taking emergency contraceptives during accidental injuries or other reasons, or contraceptive failures such as condoms, slipping, and error calculation safety period.When you have sex life, you must re -calculate.

Sometimes it really occurs. It should be applied within 72-120 hours after sex. The earlier the effect, the better the effect, and the rate of failure is often higher in more than 72 hours.At the same time, the contraceptive rate of emergency contraceptives is not 100 %.

The success rate of contraceptives is 98%, but you still have a 2%hit rate to get pregnant. What should I do?

At present, short -acting compound oral contraceptives widely used during pregnancy or pregnancy during pregnancy or pregnancy will not cause teratogenic effects. Compared with short -acting compound oral contraceptives, emergency contraceptives Yuting contains only pregnancy contains only pregnancy contains only pregnancy.Hormone, low dosage, excretion is also fast and only requires 2 tablets, so it is safer. There is no need to worry about the impact on the fetus, let alone artificial abortion for this.

What needs to be added here is that the incidence of birth defects in the Chinese population is about 15 ‰, so it is not possible to guarantee that each woman can have a healthy child 100 %.It should also be noted here that because Zuolino Egishmental Emergency contraceptives have been listed in our country for a short time, it has not been able to provide relevant evidence through standardized epidemiological research, that is, it can not be accurately proved to have a teratogenic effect, but also it can also be confirmed.It cannot be confirmed that it has no teratogenic effect.

A research room in the United States shows that women do not harm the fetus after taking emergency contraceptives with hormones.

The results of the study showed that the baby born to a woman who took emergency contraceptives was similar to the baby born in the weight and height as the baby born in a woman who did not take emergency contraceptives.The two groups did not have statistical differences in the number of dead tires, birth defects and pregnancy complications.Therefore, researchers believe that female friends who are pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives failing should choose people’s flow because they are afraid that the fetus will have malformations or other abnormal conditions.

Under normal circumstances, the abnormal phenomenon of the fetus may be due to the use of hormones for a long time, not the result of short -term use of low -dose hormones.Taking emergency contraceptives within the menstrual cycle does not have much impact on the fetus. It can be considered, but it is necessary to take a good screening for eugenics during pregnancy.If it is an emergency contraceptive taken after 4 weeks of menstruation last time, from the perspective of eugenics, young and good health women can choose not to be temporarily.And women who are younger and difficult to get pregnant can consider this child.

It is valid within 72 hours after taking the emergency contraceptive room after normal circumstances. Some married women believe that since there are emergency contraceptive measures, it does not matter if it does not take contraceptive measures. Once it fails, oral emergency contraceptives will be good.This is a misunderstanding.This is because the emergency contraceptive oral medication is non -fidone, which is more than the amount of hormone contained in general short -acting oral contraceptives. It is often used and has potential carcinogenic risk.There are still a few points to pay attention to about emergency contraceptives.

First of all, emergency contraception is just a temporary remedy, and it must not be used repeatedly as a regular contraceptive method.

Secondly, drug emergency contraception can only play a role in protecting the sexual life, and only once in the menstrual cycle. After taking the medicine in this cycle, other reliable contraceptive measures should be taken.

Third, those who fail to get pregnant and pregnancy in emergencies, have a high incidence of deformities in newborns and must terminate pregnancy.Finally, we should remind everyone that emergency contraception should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Fourth, it is best not to take the second time within a month, which will damage health and may cause the medicine to fail.It is best to be less than three times a year. This medicine is harmful to women, menstrual disorders, carcinogenic and so on.

Although emergency contraceptives have its own benefits, there are a few points to pay attention to.

First of all, drug emergency contraception can only work for this unprotected sexual life, and can only take medicine once in a menstrual cycle. After this cycle, sexual life should still take other reliable contraceptive measures.

Secondly, emergency contraception is just a temporary remedy, and it must not be used repeatedly as a regular contraceptive method.

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