Can eating garlic resistance?Eat for 7 consecutive years, what is the effect?

In addition to eating garlic, many people have been given other functions.

For example, the "efficacy" of sterilization and cancer prevention that most people care about.

But can garlic really prevent cancer?What about people who insist on eating garlic every day?

Point 1

—The FIRST ——

Can you resist cancer after 7 years of garlic?

Study on the effect of garlic anti -cancer has been carried out as early as 1995.

At that time, the Peking University Cancer Hospital team recruited more than 3,000 Helicobacteria antibody serum subjects in Lintong County, Shandong Province, one of the regions with the highest gastric cancer rate in my country.

The age range of these subjects is 35-64 years old and is randomly assigned to the Helicobacter pylori treatment group (2 weeks of amoxicillin and Omeprazole), vitamin supplementary group (supplement VC, VE, and selenium, lasting 7.3 for 7.3The garlic replenishment group (garlic extract and oil, last 7.3 years).

After 22.3 years of follow -up investigations, the researchers found that the risk of gastric cancer was reduced by 34%in the risk of gastric cancer, and the risk of gastric cancer was reduced by 34%.

At this point of view, the anti -cancer effect of garlic seems to be on the board.

But in this study, there are actually two problems:

1. The data of the garlic supplement group does show that the anti -cancer is effective, but in combination, regardless of the risk of disease or death, there are not as many decrease data of the Helicobacter pylori treatment group and vitamin supplement group.

2. The garlic supplement group needs to take two capsules made of 400mg of old garlic extract and 2mg of garlic oil twice a day.Essence

Therefore, the anti -cancer effect of garlic also needs to fit more actual long -term research. In terms of the current results, it cannot show that eating garlic can achieve the effect of anti -cancer.

Point 2

—The Second ——

Garlic Su ≠ ≠ 大 大

Many people think that eating garlic can resist cancer because there are garlic in garlic, which is a variety of ingredients such as anti -inflammatory, lowering blood pressure, blood lipids, and sterilization.

The bactericidal effect of marsana is also valid for gastric cancer -Helicobacter pylori, so it can be inferred that "ingestion of marsea is beneficial to anti -cancer and anti -cancer."

As a result, garlic, as a "place of origin" of hay, was also regarded as anti -cancer food by many people.

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But unfortunately, everyone forgot one thing: there is a huge gap in the concentration and content of garlic in garlic and the extracted garlic.

The content of garlic contained in garlic is not high, so it requires sufficient amount of garlic to kill bacteria. It is difficult to achieve the ideal purpose by eating garlic, and it is also easy to cause the stomach discomfort due to the irritation of garlic.

If there is a high -risk factors such as atrophic gastritis, gastric ulcers, and gastric cancer such as the positive gastric cancer of Helicobacter pylori, garlic is not only useless, but also stimulates the stomach to further injury and promote the arrival of gastric cancer.

Point 3

—The Third ——

Anti -cancer cannot rely on a single food

For a step back, even if the garlic can really resist cancer, it cannot only be relied on it to fight cancer.

After all, the cause of cancer is complex and diverse, including but not limited to factors such as genetic, environmental, and diet.

The so -called anti -cancer effect of food is currently limited to laboratory research on some component in food, and the mechanism that really acts on the human body has not been clearly clear.

If you blindly believe and rely on a certain food to prevent tumors, the health risk brings is likely to be higher than benefits.

Anti -cancer and anti -cancer are expensive. In addition to balanced nutrition, reasonable diet, they also need to quit smoking and alcohol, exercise appropriately, and maintain a good attitude.

Point 4


How to eat garlic correctly in daily life

In fact, I just said that garlic is not suitable for everyone.

People with gastrointestinal diseases and liver diseases, irritating foods such as garlic are best to eat less.

For patients with gastrointestinal diseases, the mucosa will be congested and edema after gastrointestinal diseases, and the mucosa will be congested and edema, which will aggravate gastrointestinal disease.

For patients with liver disease, garlic can inhibit the secretion of digestive fluids, leading to the difficulty of digestion of food, thereby aggravating the nausea of patients with liver disease.

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Even if you are a healthy crowd, it is enough to eat 2-3 flap garlic every day.

In addition, from the perspective of nutrition, the nutrition of raw garlic is better than the cooked garlic.

But no matter whether garlic is raw or cooked, its nutrition is not enough to have any significant impact on our health.

Therefore, as long as the garlic is not available, you can eat how to eat it, just eat happily!

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