Can ewes be fed more after the breeding?What do we do after breeding by the ewe?After reading it, you will know

After the ewes have just been breed, the states and embryonic development of the ewe are in a sensitive period, and we need to take care of it.Feeding is also the key to affecting the health and embryo development.Let me talk about it in detail after the eweAnd what do we do after breeding by the ewalogy?You can refer to it.

1. You can’t feed too much after breeding

After the ewage has just been raised, there are many farmers who want to feed more feeds to allow the quarm to restore their physical strength as soon as possible.However, excessive feeding will affect the reproductive ability and embryo quality of the ewes.And it may also lead to metabolic diseases and other health problems.

Therefore, after the ewage is just breeding, we need to gradually add feed to the ewe, try to eat less meals as much as possible to avoid excessive feeding affecting the health of the ewe.

2. What do we do after breeding by the ewalogy

1. Do a good job of health care: After the ewage is breed, we need to strengthen the health care of the ewe.It is recommended to use it for a long time: Mother An Tai Bao+Multi -Victoria Pacific Bao, Mother An Tai Bao can regulate the reproductive system of the ewe to protect the fetus for the pregnancy.Multi -dimensional Taibao contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which can supplement the necessary nutrients to ensure the nutritional balance of the ewes, which can promote the recovery of the ewe and embryo development.

2. Fed the feeding: After the ewage is breed, we need to control the intake of the feed to avoid being too fat and affect our health.At the same time, we also provide high -protein and high -energy feeds for ewes, which can meet the nutrients required for the growth and development of ewes and fetuses.But we should pay attention to the quality and formula of the feed, and choose the feed suitable for ewe.

3. Let the stir sports move: After the breeding of the ewage, we need to appropriately increase the amount of movement of the ebb, such as walking, turning around, etc. This can promote the metabolism and blood circulation of the stuff, help the eweEssence

However, when the ewes are exercising, we have to look at it that it cannot be allowed to not exercise excessive exercise, because excessive exercise can cause fatigue and affect the development of the fetus.

4. Let the circle house clean and hygienic: After the ewage is breed, we also need to provide a comfortable living environment for the ewe. We must clean up the feces and garbage in the circle every day. When the weather is warm, we must also ventilate the circle.To keep the house clean, hygienic, dry, and comfortable, this will help the healthy and embryonic development.

At the same time, we also need to disinfect the circle to avoid various diseases infection. It is recommended to use: Non -Cait Pacific Insurance. Its main component is hydrogen sulfate, which can eliminate various viruses and bacteria in the circle.

The above is the topic of the breeding of the ewes. In order to ensure the health of the ewes and fetuses, it is recommended that we do the above four points after pregnancy. Only by raising the ewa can we get high enough benefits.

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