Can gout patients eat lemon?Pay attention to these 4 points in diet to get gout to prevent worsening

The gout is a symptom of discomfort caused by the high uric acid uric acid stones. Its emergence brings great trouble to patients. Therefore, many patients pay special attention to their daily life, especially their own diet.Especially with acidic food.Speaking of acidic food, lemon is representative, so many people think that gout cannot eat lemon, but it is not.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and citric acid. This substance can promote the body’s hematopoietic function and help digestion, and its active substances can inhibit calcium crystals, so that uric acid is excreted quickly and effectively prevent uric acid.It can relieve and prevent effect on gout stones.In addition, lemon also contains flavonoid antioxidants, which can reduce blood pressure, expand blood vessels, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.At the same time, it can also help break down the sugar in the body, thereby reducing and preventing diseases such as hypertension and high blood sugar.

Therefore, patients with gout can eat lemon. Don’t think that it is acidic food to avoid. Proper intake of lemon can promote uric acid excretion and help alleviate the symptoms of gout.But pay attention to the diet can only be auxiliary control, and in addition to eating lemon, other dietary precautions must be known.

1. Forbidden drinking

Wine is one of the common causes of gout, because alcohol will be metabolized through the liver after entering the body, and lactic acid is produced in the body. These lactic acid can inhibit uric acid, so that uric acid cannot be discharged from the kidneys normally.Many people think that as long as they do not drink beer, they do not know that no alcohol will affect uric acid metabolism, increase uric acid to increase and aggravate gout, so they need to quit alcohol.

2. Balanced nutrition

Maybe most patients think they need to control high -fat foods, but it is not actually because gout is a metabolic disease, which has a certain relationship with high -fat and high -calorie food intake.However, it cannot be used to show that it cannot ingest high -fat foods. Only by achieving nutritional equilibrium can the body nutrient supplement, it is enough to avoid lack and affect the operation of the body, including uric acid metabolism.

3. Control of seafood products

The trace elements contained in various seafood are extremely high, which is a essential food for the body to supplement nutrition, but for gout patients, this food must also be controlled.Because in addition to trace elements in various seafood products, the amount of purine is also relatively high. Excessive purine intake will increase uric acid, and it is not easy to discharge external gout.Therefore, you should control seafood in daily life, and you must control it, especially for acute gout.

4. Eat food directly than boiling soup

Put the food with water in the pot and boil the stew soup not only beautiful, but also high taste and nutrition, but this behavior is not advisable to patients with gout.Because the purine contained in various soups is too high, too much intake will cause uric acid to continue to rise and repeat the disease.

Warm reminder that gout patients should pay special attention to their daily diet. After all, diet conditioning can prevent the gout from repeated trouble.In addition, regular monitoring indicators should keep the indicators within the normal range. In addition, blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar must be detected at the same time to prevent each indicator from abnormal and affect each other, and ultimately bring harm.

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