Can hepatitis C be fed with breast milk (hepatitis C, can hepatitis C be fed with breast milk, the treatment of hepatitis C)

Many Baoma found that she had hepatitis C during pregnancy or after giving birth, and she knew that breastfeeding was good for herself and baby, and wanted to feed the baby with breast milk.But lack of knowledge in this area, it is not clear whether you can feed your baby your own breast milk.Like the friends around me for help, the answers they got were different, making the baby mother even more puzzled.Xiaofu answered in detail for your mother, hoping to solve your problems for you.

1. What is hepatitis C

Virus hepatitis C is referred to as hepatitis C and hepatitis C, which is a viral hepatitis infected by hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.Hepatitis C is extremely harmful to patients’ health and life, and has become a serious social and public health problem.

2. The cause of the onset

Hepatitis C infection is the root cause of the pathogenic. Under the influence of external factors, such as drinking, tiredness, and taking hepatic toxic drugs for a long time, it can promote the development of the disease.The pathological changes of hepatitis C are extremely similar to hepatitis B, mainly based on liver cell necrosis and lymphadenoplasma infiltration.Chronic hepatitis can develop fibrous tissue hyperplasia. In severe cases, fake lobular leaves can be formed to become cirrhosis.

3. The spread of hepatitis C

The way to spread hepatitis C: Kissing, hug, sneezing, cough, food, drinking water, common tableware and water cups, no skin damage and other bloodless exposure do not spread.

Hepatitis C is mainly transmitted through the following channels:

(1) Blood spread

① The dissemination of blood transfusion and hematopoietic products Due to anti -hepatitis viruses, the quality of anti -hepatitis virus detection reagents, and the unstable quality of the hepatitis virus detection reagent, and a small number of infected people do not produce anti -hepatitis virus. ThereforePosted, a large amount of blood transfusion and hemodialysis may still be infected with hepatitis C virus.

② The transmission of damaged skin and mucous membranes is the most important way of propagation at present.Using non -disposable syringes and needles, dental devices, endoscopes, invasive operations and acupuncture, etc. are also an important way to spread through the skin.Some traditional medical methods that may cause skin damage and blood exposure are also related to the transmission of hepatitis C virus; shaver, toothbrush, tattoos, and earring pores are also potential menstrual blood transmission methods for hepatitis C virus.

(2) Sexual communication

(3) Other ways

It is found in 15%to 30%of the distributed hepatitis C, and its transmission pathway is unknown.Xiaofu suggested that Baoma try not to go to the crowd’s dense places, so as not to inadvertently infected hepatitis C, which brings inconvenience to themselves and children and families.

If the mother of hepatitis C wants breast milk, she can go to the hospital for serum HBV-DNA test. If it is negative, breastfeeding can be breastfeed.However, breastfeeding cannot be breastfeed during the infection of hepatitis C.Or when the mother’s nipples are bleeding, breastfeeding cannot be breastfeed for the time being. After the nipple is damaged and cured, it can be breastfeed to prevent hepatitis C virus infection through blood.

As long as the liver function is normal and the virus content is low, it can be breastfeed, and hepatitis C virus is mainly blood transmission. As for whether breastfeeding can spread hepatitis C, there is no evidence to prove it.Most studies have shown that hepatitis C and hepatitis C antibody -positive maternal maternal maternal may have the possibility of hepatitis C virus in milk and can breastfeed infants, but if the nipples have ulcerated bleeding, they should stop feeding.It should be pointed out that hepatitis virus is existed in the saliva of hepatitis, so the maternal kiss the child in a bad mouth.

In addition, Xiaofu suggested that the mother applied soap flowing water to wash her hands before breastfeeding to reduce the chance of contact.If you still do n’t worry, it is recommended to use artificial feeding methods. At present, the nutritional content of milk powder is getting closer and closer to breast milk.In addition, hepatitis C mothers can milk with breast pumps.Try not to use electric breast pumps. Although the baby’s mother’s milk is saved, it is still very likely to cause nipple hemorrhage and cause the milk to be impure.Put the squeezed milk into the storage container and stick the milk date and time outside the container. In this way, it clearly knows the period of breast milk preservation, so as not to clean the breeding of bacteria and cause digestive tract diseases.The squeezed milk should be put in the refrigerated equipment refrigerated.Without refrigerating equipment, mothers can prepare a mini refrigerator for storage.The container installed with breast milk must leave a gap. Don’t put it too full or cover the lid tightly to prevent the container from freezing and frozen.It is best to divide the breast milk into a small (60-120ml) frozen or refrigerated, which is convenient for family or nanny to feed according to the baby’s food and will not waste it.Before breastfeeding, heated water, and the temperature can be feeded.

1. Acute hepatitis C viral hepatitis: There is exact evidence to indicate that interferon therapy can reduce the chronic ratio of acute hepatitis C viral hepatitis. It can be treated 8-12 weeks after the hepatitis C virus infection of acute hepatitis.-24 weeks.

2. Chronic C -viral hepatitis: The severity of the patient’s liver disease should be evaluated before treatment. Those who have repeated liver function or liver or liver can have obvious inflammation or moderate fibrosis above the liver.Anti -virus treatment.

3. Hepatitis C viral liver cirrhosis ① Patients with cirrhosis during compensation, although the tolerance and effect of treatment are reduced, in order to stabilize, delay or prevent the occurrence of complications such as liver failure and HCC, it is recommendedAnti -virus treatment was given under close observation.② Patients with cirrhosis period: How difficult it is to tolerate the adverse reactions of ifnα treatment. Those with conditions should perform liver transplantation.

Acute C -virus hepatitis interferon interferon antiviral effect is good, and 90%of patients can get a complete response and completely cure; chronic C viral hepatitis is relatively lighter than type B viral hepatitis.Clear the virus to be cured.Some patients can occur after 20-30 years of liver sclerosis or liver cancer.

Xiaofu suggested that mothers with hepatitis C, try to squeeze breast milk to feed during breastfeeding.If it is found to have hepatitis C after 6 months of the baby, weaned the baby for artificial feeding.

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