Can I ask the fetus in the early pregnancy?Stay or flow depends on these points, three inspections in the later period

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Recently, some people in the mother group have shared the news of "good pregnancy". Tingting, who had just entered the group, also confirmed that "upgrade was successful" yesterday.Originally, I wanted to learn from the group first. I didn’t intend to have a baby now. I didn’t expect to be a move.After discovering that she was unhappy after pregnancy, she was unhappy. It turned out that she was not ready. In the past two months, she was still drinking at home.

She couldn’t drink after checking from the Internet, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, which had a great impact on the fetus.Therefore, she was worried and tangled, afraid of abortion, and worried that the baby was unhealthy.

Indeed, drinking during pregnancy will cause premature fetal birth, and the probability of abortion will increase.

Medical research shows that pregnant women often drink alcohol to increase premature fetal birth and increase the probability of abortion.The greater the alcohol content in the blood of pregnant women, the worse the condition of the fetus. Even the low concentration of alcohol can directly act on the central nervous nerve of the mother and fetus, and may inhibit the fetal breathing.

3 months before pregnancy, if you drink a lot of alcohol, you can easily cause fetal malformations, such as cleft lip and palate, congenital heart disease; there may be facial symptoms with small eyes, short nose, and thin lips;It may cause baby’s intellectual disorders.

However, the above results can be caused to the fetus after drinking, depending on the dose, time, time, and individual differences of the fetus.

Therefore, you need to confirm these points first: when you drink, how much wine you drink, and usually have you still have the habit of drinking; then combine the development of the fetus to make a decision.

Studies have found that in the sensitive stage (5-12 weeks of menopause) for the formation of embryo organs, "mad drinking" may have a bad impact on the development and behavior of the fetus.

Note: The "crazy drink" here refers to "the concentration of alcohol in blood after drinking reaches or exceeds 0.08%."

If you drink on both ends or drink more at a time, the harm to the fetus must be great;

If you just drink it 1-2 times and just drink a few mouthfuls, you can observe the development of the fetus through the later birth checkup, and then look at it.

① Do each check on time, including NT examinations, abnormal B-ultrasound (pregnant mothers who drink alcohol, are recommended to do twice, namely 22-26 weeks of pregnancy and 30-32 weeks of pregnancy), fetal heart color ultrasound (Many hospitals do not, it is recommended to consult a few more hospitals and make an appointment in advance);

② From now on, eliminate all toxic and harmful substances, and protect the baby, because the more "negative effects" of the pregnant mother’s contact, the greater the chance of fetal problems;

③ Good mood every day, maintaining a calm, happy, and relaxed mentality, alcohol will affect the fetus’s nerves, cognition, and intelligence. The pregnant mothers maintain a good mood and will have a positive impact on the development of the fetus and intelligence.

Since you are ready and if you want your baby, you must take the "pregnancy" seriously, scientifically prepare for pregnancy, change bad living habits, adhere to exercise and healthy diet, quit smoking and drink, relax, and avoid excessive stress.

Shortly after the same room, I feel that I have a "cold" performance, it is best to use the pregnancy test strip to test whether it is pregnant.It is not recommended to take cold medicine blindly. If you are pregnant, you need to stay away from tobacco and alcohol, including second -hand smoke, providing a high -quality environment for the growth and development of the fetus.

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