Can I eat Ejiao during breastfeeding? What are the benefits of eating Ejiao during lactation?

In daily life, Ejiao is a very common nourishing product. Many people often eat Ejiao, especially female friends.Ejiao has high nutritional value, rich in nutrients, and often eating Ejiao is conducive to physical health.So can I eat Ejiao during breastfeeding?

Can I eat Ejiao during breastfeeding?

You can eat Ejiao during lactation.

Mother breastfeeding mothers can eat Ejiao, but they must control the amount of consumption. They must not be consumed too much. It is enough for about 15g daily, so as not to cause indirect fire to cause the baby to get angry.

Ejiao is rich in various nutrients such as protein, amino acids, and trace elements required by the human body. It has a good effect on postpartum recovery and improvement of breast milk quality. It can also enhance the physical fitness of the mother.It must be helpful to help the mother nourish the body.

Pay attention to eating Ejiao during breastfeeding: It is necessary to control the amount of Ejiao during breastfeeding. Do not do too much because it is very popular. If the breasts are on fire, it will also affect the baby through milk.If the mother is taking Ejiao products, it is recommended not to eat more because the product contains processing ingredients.In addition, for mothers who have weak gastrointestinal and indigestion, they should use Ejiao carefully.At the same time, breastfeeding mothers should also pay attention to: postpartum nourishment should not be excessive.Proper nourishment helps mothers to restore their physical strength, but too much nourishment can lead to obesity. If the baby’s digestive function is good, the milk that is too tonic will be obese for the baby; if the baby has poor digestion, diarrhea and other discomfort will occur.Therefore, breastfeeding mothers must grasp themselves.

The benefits of eating Ejiao in moderation during breastfeeding

Take blood

Many mothers eat Ejiao to nourish blood. Indeed, Ejiao has a blood -making function, and it is very helpful for women to replenish blood.Women need to replenish blood very much during pregnancy and postpartum.

And Ejiao has this effect. Ejiao can speed up the function of the body’s hematopoietic, so that women can quickly and naturally nourish blood.Therefore, as long as the mothers eat Ejiao during the moderate amount, the effect of nourishing blood is still very good.

Calcium supplement

Mother breastfeeding needs calcium supplementation very much, because the baby needs a lot of calcium, and the baby’s calcium can only be absorbed by the mother, so the mother needs to insist on drinking milk and eating calcium tablets to reach the purpose of calcium supplement.

However, if the body does not absorb, then these high calcium -containing foods are equal to eaten in vain, so we must eat foods and supplements that can promote calcium absorption. Ejiao has this effect. Ejiao can promote calcium absorption.It plays a good auxiliary role.

Replenish qi

Women consume a lot of vitality during childbirth, so that mothers have urgently need to make up.Moreover, many mothers always feel cold. They sweat or feel tired, and their immunity is relatively low. It is easy to suffer from some popular diseases.

During the lactation, the mother eats some Ejiao in moderation to effectively restore her vitality, so that the mother’s spirit slowly improves, her face is rosy, and her energy is sufficient.

We all know that Ejiao’s nutritional value is high, rich in the human body’s protein, amino acids, trace elements and other nutrients, so it is loved by female friends.So can I eat Ejiao during breastfeeding? Let’s take a look at it!

How to eat Ejiao correctly during breastfeeding

Buy genuine Ejiao

Many Ejiao on the market is fake goods. If the mothers buy fake food, it will have to lose it. The authentic Ejiao surface is flat, no oil pores, hard and crispy, and the cross section is bright and delicate.transparent.Moms must polish their eyes and choose good Ejiao.

Self -made Gu Yuan cream

During the lactation, mothers are easy to get angry when they eat Ejiao alone, so the mother can make Gu Yuan cream by herself.Prepare a pound of walnuts, a pound of sesame seeds, a pound of red dates and half a pound of gelatin. After crushing, use rice wine to adjust the pot and steam for two hours. Eat a spoon on an empty stomach every morning, which is nutritious and hygienic.

Taboo for eating Ejiao during breastfeeding

① Ejiao cannot be cooked with soup with other Chinese medicine. It must be taken with medicinal solution or boiling water or rice wine.

② This product is sticky and hindered to digestion.

③ TCM syndrome differentiation has sputum dampness and vomiting, and diarrhea should not take.

Reminder: Mother -in -lactating mothers can eat more donkey meat and donkey skin in winter, and cook donkey bone soup. Ejiao is made by donkey skin.If you don’t want to eat Ejiao, it is also good to choose a velvet antler. Deer antler can also nourish, and it is not as easy to get angry as Ejiao.

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