Can I eat mango during pregnancy? Eat mango will make the baby yellow?The benefits of eating mango during pregnancy must be known

Mango is our common fruits. Many children and female friends like to eat, because it has a very fragrant smell, the flesh is also very soft, and it is more popular with mango milkshake and ice cream.

My girlfriend Xiaojun has loved mango since she was a child. There are various ways to eat mango in their hometown. I have never seen it. I do n’t know that if a person loves to eat mango, you can remember the degree of remembers if you do n’t eat for a few days.However, she no longer eats during her pregnancy. It was not that she didn’t want to eat. It was her mother -in -law who would not let it. She said a lot of reason, and she did not know if there was a basis. Anyway, she could only bear it for her mother -in -law.Drink a cup of mango juice when you are rampant.

There is also a mother who knows the Internet. She said that her child was a bit jaundice. Her mother -in -law said that she was caused by mango when she was pregnant. For this reason, there was no few she lost her. Even if the doctor explained, her mother -in -law still recognized this reason.

In fact, pregnant women can eat mango, but no matter what you eat, the more you eat, the better you eat.The benefits of eating mango during pregnancy are quite a lot, as follows:

1. During pregnancy, because the body temperature of the two people will make the pregnant mother feel very fast, and the mango’s flesh is thick and juicy.

2. Mango has the effect of stopping vomiting. Pregnant mothers can relieve pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy.

3. Mango contains a lot of cellulose. For mothers who have constipation during pregnancy, eating mango can promote gastrointestinal motility and alleviate constipation.

4. Mango is rich in vitamins. The content of vitamins A is as high as 3.8%. The content of vitamin C is far more than strawberries and orange. It has a moisturizing effect on the skin of pregnant mothers and helps the development of fetal treasures.

However, mango is not something everyone can eat. For example, some people who are susceptible to allergies. After eating mango, they will have itchy skin or uncomfortable throat. These pregnant mothers cannot eat mango; some people do not likeThe smell of mango, so I do n’t like to eat it. There is no need to barely eat because of some benefits of mango.

In addition, mango’s sugar content is relatively high, and pregnant mothers with high blood sugar should not eat. Even if there is no high blood sugar, do not eat mango a few days before the sugar test, otherwise it will affect the test results.

In fact, many elderly people have such an idea. I feel that eating yellow food during pregnancy will make the baby yellow. This is not only mango, but also pumpkin.

Newborn jaundice is actually not related to eating mango, pumpkin, etc. during pregnancy. Newborn jaundice is caused by too high bilirubin, but it doesn’t matter. Most of them are physiological and can return to normal about one week.

① The peel of mango has a certain stimulating effect. Pregnant mothers eat mango should be peeled and sliced to eat. Do not peel it to eat, so as not to cause mango skin to touch the skin for a long time and cause irritation.

② After eating mango, when you find that there are redness, rashes, diarrhea, etc., you should consult your doctor in time. Do not endure or take medicine yourself.

③ Some pregnant mothers like to eat mango but worry about getting angry. Then we should not eat the snacks that are getting angry after eating mango, or drink a little salt water.


According to the "2022 Dietary Guidelines" suggestions: The fruits during pregnancy are 200-300 grams per day in the early pregnancy and second trimester, and 350 grams per day in the third trimester.

The weight of a mango is about 70-150 grams. Pregnant mothers can eat some other fruits in a day to ensure that the amount of fruit is enough.

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