Can I exercise during pregnancy?What should I pay attention to in exercise?

Yoga exercise during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a process of pain and happiness. In October, I was born with testimony and felt the birth of a life. This process was wonderful. This wonderful feeling will be deeper as a mother who is pregnant.The fatigue and discomfort caused by enduring pregnancy vomiting. In the later period, as the fetus grew up, it became more and more inconvenient to move, and the weight of the body was getting heavier. Therefore, the physical and mental changes in pregnancy would bring a lot of discomfort to expectant mothers.

This is an era when everyone is pursuing beauty. Many people envy some Internet celebrities or stars. They still keep their bodies so good when they are pregnant. They feel that they are pregnant and have no changes in other parts of their bodies.Pregnant mothers also start to pay attention to the management of figure. In order to prevent weight gain during pregnancy, they insist on exercising every day. Can you exercise as a pregnant mother?What should I pay attention to in exercise?What to avoid?Today I will share with you the benefits of pregnancy exercise and precautions for pregnancy exercise.

Pregnant star

1. The benefits of pregnant women during pregnancy

We often hear that the appropriate exercise during pregnancy is good, whether it is good for the pregnant mother or the fetus in the stomach. So what are the benefits?

1. The Games will increase the level of the mother’s endonoscope -endorphin (similar to morphine -like substances), which can block the transmission of pain to the brain

2. Reduce the concentration of stress and cortisol, so it can relieve stress and increase happiness

3. Pregnant women who exercise regularly during pregnancy, the childbirth process is smoother, the pain will be reduced, and the average delivery time is shorter than those who do not exercise during pregnancy.

Pregnant women who exercise under professional guidance

2. Matters that need attention during pregnancy exercise

Although the exercise is good, it is necessary to do it according to the specific situation of the individual and do not exercise too much. How to define whether the exercise is moderate or excessive?In fact, there is a very clear and moderate standard. Women’s heart rate does not exceed 70%of the fastest heart rate (220 times per minute). If I am now 30 years old, then I cannot exceed the center rate at the exercise process (220-30)*70%= 133 times/minute, if this standard exceeds this standard, it may bring corresponding risks, such as abortion or lack of uterine blood supply to affect oxygen supply and affect brain development.

Yoga exercise during pregnancy

In addition, there are still some situations that need to be avoided:

1. During the third trimester, exercise should also be reduced accordingly, because the oxygen reserves are low in the third trimester.

2. Avoid exercise in high altitude regions (more than 3000 meters)

3. Try to avoid exercising in hot weather, because there is the risk of overheating the fetus, the fetus is highly sensitive to temperature during development, and the temperature rises exceeds 2 ° C.

4. Diving and snorkeling, because excessive nitrogen and other gases may be gathered in the fetal tissue.However, other water exercise, such as swimming and jogging in water, is the best way to exercise pregnant women, because water can take away the excess calories of pregnant women.

Swimming during pregnancy

Therefore, in order to alleviate your own pressure and the healthy development of your baby, you can participate regularly during pregnancy, but you must remember: Although the exercise is good, do not measure it.Otherwise, it will be counterproductive!

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