Can I get pregnant?How long can I test urine after pregnancy?

Can I get pregnant?How long can I test urine after pregnancy?The editor reminds the beautiful mothers: The easiest way to judge whether it is pregnant is the test of urine testing, which is the most commonly used method for all hospitals.

The principle of urine testing is that when the placenta starts, a endocrine called "chorionic gonadotropin" appears in women’s body, which will be discharged with urine.

Generally, pregnancy testing steps are urine testing, internal diagnosis, and ultrasound.

How long can I test urine after pregnancy?About 2 weeks after menopause, you can be tried.

1. Usually, on the 11th day after the period, it is necessary to check HCG through blood test, (quantity examination, also known as B-HCG). If it is pregnant, it will be positive.

2. As for urine HCG, it is necessary to have a positive response in the 12-14 days.(B-HCG) The two red lines are pregnant.(The other red line is the control line)

Urine HCG is the principle of quality inspection of urine (using test strips), that is, check whether there is HCG in the urine.If the test strip test is weak and positive, just tell you that you may be pregnant. It is best to go to the hospital gynecology department for a blood test HCG or B -ultrasound. You can clearly know whether you are pregnant.

HCG is less than 5miU/ml, which is negative, not pregnant. Any number of more than 25miU/ml is a positive reaction and pregnant

If you are pregnant, 85%of pregnant women, the number of blood HCG, has doubled every two or three days.If HCG does not increase at this speed, it means that pregnancy fails.

Generally, the menstrual period is delayed for more than 7 days before checking the blood and urine HCG in time, or a gynecological department to exclude the possibility of pregnancy

The examination method with a 100%accuracy of pregnancy test is that after the two weeks of pregnancy (usually the number of weeks when the pregnancy test is late due to menstruation) is diagnosed by the obstetrician and gynecologists.As the uterus becomes larger in the early stages of pregnancy, and at the same time, the cervix and the lower end of the uterine become softer, and the physician can easily know from the finger.The internal diagnosis may make women feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable, but they will not affect the fetus. Moms do not need to worry too much.

Around the 5th week after pregnancy (that is, the first formal check -up after pregnancy), the doctor will perform an ultrasonic examination for pregnant women.The main purpose of ultrasound examination is to understand the state inside the uterus, the size of the fetus, and the most important fetal heartbeat. At this time, the fetal heart sound can be obviously heard.Whether the other placenta is normal, the number of tires, or whether the facial features of the fetus are sound, it also depends on the ultrasound scan during pregnancy to help confirm the diagnosis.

In the outpatient clinic of pregnancy test, the question that the physician usually asks includes: the last date of the scripture, whether the usual cycle is stable and normal, whether the previous menstrual blood volume is as usual, whether there is experience or artificial abortion experience, whether it is taking medicine, is it being taking medicine?Treatment diseases … and so on.When I know the results of pregnancy, doctors will further understand the health situation of both husband and wife, family medical history of both parties, whether drug allergies, etc., or further reminds prospective parents to pay attention.

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