Can I make up after pregnancy?Just stay away from these cosmetics, everything else is good to say

Women after upgrading to expectant mothers are surrounded by various remarks.After pregnancy, you should not eat the roadside stalls, you ca n’t drink carbonated drinks, or you ca n’t make up, otherwise you will make the fetus deformity and so on.

There are people who love beauty. Even if they are pregnant, the little fairy is still the beautiful little fairy.Even if you do n’t let makeup, you ca n’t accept it. After all, many women do n’t want to go out without makeup.

So can you make up?In fact, avoid these four types of cosmetics.

One, lipstick

There are too many chemical components in lipsticks, all of which are heavy metals, and it is difficult to wash it.If you apply lipstick for a long time, the harmful substances in lipstick will slowly penetrate into the skin, and the harm is still quite great.Even ordinary people should use less. Not to mention pregnant women.And it is easy to swallow lipstick and food when eating, which is harmful to the development of the fetus.According to the survey, many abnormal babies are caused by the long -term apparent lipstick during pregnancy.

Suggestion: If you must apply redness due to work reasons, it is recommended to replace lipstick with pure natural lipstick for pregnant women. It is not necessary to apply well.

Second, hair dye

There are many brands of hair dye now that they are plant pigments rather than chemical paint, which has no harm to the body.Even so pregnant mothers should not dye hair during pregnancy. According to expert research, hair dye will not only cause skin cancer, but also cause breast cancer and cause fetal malformations. Therefore, expectant mothers cannot use hair dye.

Suggestion: It cannot be dyed during pregnancy.If you really want to dye your hair, you can try to wear wigs, so that you can replace the styling regularly or effectively protect the fetus.Or you can try different hats, anyway, as long as you do n’t dye your hair, you are still the beautiful little fairy!

Three, perfume

Many women have the habit of spraying perfume, especially some women "not see their people, smell their taste first".In fact, the main component of perfume is alcohol and fragrance. Long -term use can cause damage to the nerves of the human body, which affects the baby’s development, so try not to use perfume during pregnancy.

Suggestion: Spray perfume during pregnancy.In fact, every pregnant woman will instinctively secrete a special substance when breeding a new life. This substance is far more than perfume to increase your charm. If you don’t believe it, you can secretly ask the prospective dad!

Fourth, nails

Do you know the harmful substances in nail polish?In particular, the lead content is particularly much. Long -term application of nail polish will hinder the normal breathing of the nails and also corrode the nail quality.There is a substance called "titanate" in nail polish. This substance is likely to cause miscarriage or affect the growth of the fetus. It will enter the body through breathing, and it is quite harmful to accumulate in the human body!

Suggestion: If you really want to get a beautiful nails during pregnancy, you can go to a professional nail shop. Generally, there are pure natural nail stickers dedicated to pregnant women in the store, which can also satisfy your beautiful desire.

In fact, in addition to avoiding the above four cosmetics, everything else is good.Usually the basic skin care still needs to be carried out, otherwise the skin is too dry.When buying skin care products, try to choose less hormone, or buy the kind of natural naturally without adding to pregnant women.In the end, if it is not particularly needed, it is recommended that pregnant women do not make up.After all, beauty is just a moment, and the baby’s health is a lifetime!

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