Can I nourish the liver often when eating sweet potatoes?The doctor said the truth, a person with a bad liver, you might as well find out

Among the organs in the human body, the liver is the largest, and its task is the heaviest.The liver is excreted from toxic substances, synthesis of protein, producing bile, regulating hormone levels, and storing glycogen.Especially in the human body’s digestion and metabolism, it has a very powerful role.

Liver disease has become more common in recent years. Some data show that there are about hundreds of thousands of new liver patients each year, and they often enter the middle and late stages when detecting liver disease.


Why is liver disease difficult to detect in the early stage?

1. The liver has a special "compensation"

Compared with other organs, the liver has derived a special "compensation" due to the particularity of the liver. In simple terms, when one of the hepatocytes are necrotic due to excessive damage, other liver cells will be replaced.Methods to increase a single cell and tissue load to maintain normal liver operation.

Early liver injury was normal because of compensation, and liver function remained normal, and there was no particularly obvious discomfort. It was often difficult for patients to detect.

2. National medical examination awareness is too low

Although with the development of society, my country’s medical level is getting higher and higher, but because of the people’s life model and the social environment, many people do not have timely medical examinations and habits.For a long time, my country’s physical examination coverage rate is only about 20%to 40%, and there is still a big gap with 80%of the 80%of developed countries in Europe and the United States.

This means that it is difficult for Chinese people to find some subtle diseases. One of the liver damage is because of lack of physical examinations and no discovery. If the condition continues to deteriorate, it may evolve into more severe symptoms.


Can I nourish the liver often when I eat sweet potatoes? Doctors say that the truth and people with bad liver may wish to understand

Sweet potato is also sweet potato, which is the seasonal food in autumn. A large amount of sweet potatoes are transported from the land to our dining table.Sweet potatoes are healthy and delicious foods. Not only can sweet potatoes be eaten, but sweet potato leaves and poles can make delicious food.So is eating sweet potatoes good for the liver?

Sweet potatoes are rich in carotene, lutein, and vitamin A. These substances are very good for human eyes.In particular, the content of carotene is higher than carrots, and the liver and eyes are closely related. The eyes are good, and the liver will not be bad, so sweet potatoes have certain benefits to the liver.

In addition, sweetness contains mucin, which helps enhance the human body’s immune capacity.Everyone is very important for everyone. It is an important line of defense for our resistance to virus and bacterial invasion. Enhancement of immunity is very helpful for people with liver problems.

Of course, it is important to note that eating sweet potatoes should also control the amount of intake, because eating too much may increase the burden on the liver. At the same time, sweet potatoes are a kind of food that is prone to flatulence, and it will also affect the operation of gastrointestinal function.


Take care of the liver health, eat less daily foods, don’t care about it

1. Edible oil with "Hara" flavor

After the edible oil is placed for too long, it is prone to Harra flavor. Do not eat this kind of edible oil. The appearance of Hara flavor is the result of oxidation and corruption of edible oil, which contains more harmful substances.

After these substances enter the body, they will increase the burden on liver metabolic toxins, and will cause damage to the liver tissue, causing liver disease. Therefore, pay attention to the cleaning of oil pots in life, which can reduce the effect of oxidation and corruption.

2. Pickled pickles

There will always be a piece of simple pickles on many family dining tables.Because it is fermented for a long time, it tastes more delicious, sour or spicy, sweet or numb.

However, the nitrite content contained in it is not low. It is mainly decomposed by bacteria and often appears in marinated meat products, kimchi, and deterioration vegetables.If people eat it for a long time, the veins of the center of the liver and lobe will expand, the nucleus of the liver cells will become large, and the staining will deepen, which will cause liver cell necrosis and eventually liver disease.

3. Alcoholic food

To keep the liver function normal, you should eat less alcoholic food.Some types of food are added with alcohol. Although the aroma of wine is full, excessive health for food with alcohol will be affected.

Alcohol needs to be metabolized in the human liver. It is often eaten to eat this type of food. Liver cells are prone to necrosis, which is why some liver disease occurs.To avoid this situation, keep the liver choose suitable foods, do not drink alcohol, and do not eat foods that add alcohol.


If you want to raise the liver, you can eat these 4 things

1. Plum

Plums contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, sugar, and amino acids. Eating some plums can help the production of fluids, and can nourish the liver and clear heat and diuretic.

In addition, amino acids, such as amino acids, are helpful to prevent liver sclerosis, which is conducive to relieving problems such as fatigue and darkness.

2. Bitter gourd

Bitter gourd has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. It is very good to remove liver fire, and it can also nourish the liver after cooked bitter gourd.Although it tastes bitter, the various nutrients contained in it are conducive to reducing the cancer of liver cells.

And there has always been a reputation of bitter gourd -fatty liver killer.Because some of the substances contain can reduce blood sugar, and can also resist excessive fat into the body.

3. Artemisia annua

Artemisia annua with a unique fragrance is a chrysanthemum plant and a seasonal vegetable in the summer and autumn seasons.The nutritional value of Artemisia annua was very high. In ancient times, it was also known as "Emperor’s Cai", and it was also known as "natural nourishing liver dishes".

Emerald greens are not only rich in various amino acids, vitamins, etc., but also have a volatile oil with special fragrance. Today in summer, it is easy to get angry. It is suitable to eat more artemisia.

4. garlic moss

Garlic moss is more common in life, and its nutritional value is also very high. It contains a lot of vitamins, which can help reduce the stimulation of toxins in the liver and enhance the function of the liver detoxification.

If symptoms such as liver qi stagnation occur, eating more garlic moss can also promote the repair of liver cells, activate liver function, and reduce the symptoms of liver discomfort.

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