Can I raise a dog?Sina well -known bloggers tell you with their own experience

PS; This article comes from the very popular Mao Niu on the blog.The blogger told the story of his child’s harmony with several dogs at home.The hair is a card, Niuniu is only Panago, and died in 2010.

From the beginning of pregnancy to 8 months, I lived under the same roof with my hair. I miss it for a few months.Finally going home, Dog and his son raised.Last weekend, I took my son home for hygiene. It was strange to start the hair. I smelled it next to my son’s bed and refused to leave. It returned to normal for half a day, and it was very honest.Touch, it is a little timid hiding behind the curtain.

Raising dogs since 1999 is an essential part of life.Niu Niu came in 2000, and in 2003, she joined the hair and never left.Regardless of how much or twists in life, they have been with them.In recent years, I also especially thank my parents for their care for dogs when I was inconvenient.

Both the hair and the little flowers who gave the hair and dad on the weekend, dirty slag.It is the season when the puppy is registered. The dog’s epidemic prevention work has moved to the casual square of the community’s gate this year.It has been a long time to manage the hair for a long time. This time, I took it to the injection and registered the next year. When I took the dog ID card and health certificate from the drawer, I found the Niuniu, and I specially put it in the memorial.

From the beginning of raising dogs, someone around you asked, what would you do after you want your child?To be honest, I never thought about the child’s affairs at that time, and asked too much, just answered: raise together!Isn’t it a pregnant woman abroad and walking the dog.Ask too much, and say: I just want my child to grow up with the puppy, and let you see!EssenceWhat I said was a topic that friends brought happily in N years ago.

There are many kindergarten aunts who always say that if you want your children not to raise dogs, send them quickly, huh, a while ago, take a son back to her mother -in -law and have an aunt and ask me: The dog is still raised?Can’t be raised anymore.I said my dad was raising, haha.

It is not a person who ignores it, nor is it a blind listening to others. I believe in science and believe in myself.I once said for the dog, if I let me sacrifice the puppy, I would rather not be pregnant!In fact, I have been paying attention to the problem of pet infection infection.Especially the stage of baby last year, specially consults and checked the body.In fact, it is not contradictory to treat dogs and children frankly. The key is to pay attention to hygiene and pay physical strength.

Raising dogs will actually not infect hormone, but if you eat dog meat, there are not necessarily, and there are no cooked beef and mutton. This is the most likely to transmit the way of injects.Another is that if you raise a cat, you must be indoors, do not store it outside.If you want your baby to go to the hospital for a pre -pregnancy examination, no matter whether you raise animals, there is this.

During pregnancy, you should also pay attention to the intimacy with the puppy, mainly to prevent dust and bacteria. After touching it, you must wash your hands, and be careful not to let it rush to your belly when you are happy.Walking dogs does not delay.

To say that raising dogs is still more advantageous to children.Li is that children can care for animals from an early age, love, learn to take care of others, and have fun in life. The disadvantage is that there will be some dust and dog hair in the family. This takes time and physical effort.Anyway, it is possible to want to be all beautiful.

Love Dog and children, my life is more fun.Thank you for the elderly who are more scientific like my mother and dad.

In short, the saying goes: puppies are not toys, they are emotional, and they are a molecules in the family.If you can’t start, don’t raise your dog easily.

PS: Dogs may not only, but you think you think you have to pay thousands of dollars at one time.Once you decide to raise, you should be responsible to the end.This is your agreement on his life!Please treat your closest partner!

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