Can I really grow taller?Science believes that it is an illusion, the person who comes here: I do grow 2cm tall


Shortly after a sisters out of the confinement, they went to the mall to accidentally encounter a free measurement of height and weight, so they stepped forward to experience a handful.I do n’t know if I do n’t try it. When I tried it, she was surprised to find that she was surprised to find that she was 2 cm longer than before pregnancy!

"I didn’t believe it before, but now I found out that pregnancy can really grow taller!" The younger sisters leaped, and said with a joke and seriously, "I have two centimeters long, and I still have to regenerate the second child in the coming year!"

Will birth baby grow your body taller?This sounds a bit incredible. You know, the human body is set after the end of adolescence (generally around 17-20 years old).

However, there are Bao Ma who has really experienced it. After the baby is born, it is indeed growing. What is the explanation?Regarding this, the phenomenon is not fake, but we still have to look at it from a scientific perspective.

Since ancient times, the people have said that "three babies have been pregnant", and they say that three dolls of women can grow taller.This statement is naturally unscientific.But if it is placed in the past, it is not impossible.

You know, the ancient women were married early, and it was normal to get married at the age of fourteen or five.At this stage, the body is in development, so it is not surprising even if the body grows taller after pregnancy.

It’s like my grandma, and now there are nearly a hundred years of age.Listening to the parents said that grandma married at the age of 15 and hugged both in the first three years.It is not more than 20 years old when the third child is born. It can be seen that the saying of "pregnancy and three babies" is indeed past.

Moreover, in ancient and old society, material resources were seriously insufficient, and most of the people lacked nutrition.During her pregnancy and confinement, women do their best to ensure food and nutrition for them.It is also at this time that the body that is in the developmental period can get sufficient nutrition, so it is a few centimeters or more, it is not surprising!

The impact of women’s bodies during pregnancy is very large, the most important of which is the change in hormone levels.During pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone has increased significantly, which is essential for maintaining the health environment and making the fetus healthy.

Estrogen can promote the growth of maternal bone density and help bone health.Therefore, some mothers may feel that their bodies have become more upright, and they seem to be "grow taller" in appearance.

In addition, due to the role of hormones and the increasing uterus, it will also affect the spine of pregnant mothers. Even to a certain extent increases the distance between the intervertebral space, so that its height will "grow".

During women’s pregnancy, due to the rapid growth of the fetus and pelvic expansion, they thought that the baby’s growth and childbirth were prepared.The more and more "highlights" of the pregnant belly have changed our body’s center of gravity, leading to the adjustment of the body’s posture, and the "cure" bent to the humpback.

There are also many mothers who are pregnant and after giving birth. They have a plump posture, coupled with enlarged bust and edema, which make the mother’s physical shape a great change, giving people a "taller" subjective and visual illusion.

In general, pregnancy does not cause mothers to grow taller. It is probably the illusion caused by changes in posture and bone structure adjustment.Of course, there are also some measuring errors.For example, getting up in the morning to measure height and measure in the afternoon, the difference is about 1-2cm.

It can be seen that it is not reliable to achieve growth taller through pregnancy and having a baby.So what are the obvious changes to mothers during pregnancy?

① Both feet become larger

Some researchers have conducted relevant investigations. Of the 49 pregnant mothers, about 60 % of them became wider or longer after 3 months of pregnancy.It is amazing that it was measured again 5 months after giving birth, and found that their feet have not recovered, and they are generally increased by 1 code than the original.

It is said that there are indeed a lot of mothers who said (including the mother of the Mom herself), and the shoes need to wear a large size after giving birth to a baby.For this phenomenon, scientists said:

Due to the effects of hormones during pregnancy, the body’s joints and ligaments are relaxed, and the weight of the fetus and amniotic fluid, the feet have flat and swollen, and even the height of the arch of the foot becomes lower.Moreover, many mothers have edema during pregnancy. Although the postpartum edema disappears and the ligaments are tightened, their feet may grow permanently.

② Bust of bust becomes larger

After entering pregnancy, under the influence of progesterone, our body is to adapt and ensure that it can provide enough breast milk to the baby, and the bust will increase slowly.Especially in 3-4 months of pregnancy and late pregnancy, the growth is particularly obvious.

As for what kind of state of the chest to grow to, this depends on the physical condition of different people.Some mothers don’t see much, while some mothers have grown very obviously.

But one thing can be determined that the size of the bust does not directly affect the secretion of breastfeeding in the later period.The amount of milk is related to personal constitution, and it is also related to diet, nutrition, rest, sleep, mood, etc. Therefore, mothers in the third trimester should pay attention to self -regulation.

③ Long stretch marks

The stretch marks are some dark red, pink or purple fine stripes on the skin. Most of them appear in the stomach, thighs, hips and chests of the pregnant mother.Some stretch marks are not good even after giving birth to a baby. They become permanent "marks", which makes mothers anxious and troublesome!

In fact, stretch marks are caused by the rapid growth of the fetal baby, the abdomen continues to swell, and the skin elastic fiber and muscles are excessively stretched, usually in the middle and late pregnancy.According to statistics, the probability of the first pregnancy of women in my country is as high as 40-60%.

However, there are also a considerable number of mothers who have good skin elasticity and well -maintained during pregnancy.Under normal circumstances, proper weight control during pregnancy, choosing appropriate skin care products and more skin massage can effectively prevent or reduce stretch marks.

Although good things like "high" during pregnancy only appear on a small number of people, and even pregnancy will bring us some irreversible physiological changes, but that is the "mark" left by the baby to us, isn’t it?

In any case, we need to look rationally. The most important thing is to maintain a peaceful mentality, maintain a healthy body, and welcome the baby’s arrival with the best attitude!

Pay attention to the health manager and family education instructor [Mother of Guan Family] with scientific parenting together, wisdom to support the baby.

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