Can I still "do things" during menstruation?Can’t you get pregnant?These 4 behaviors hurt the uterus

Normal women will have a few days a month. They are very irritable, but they are extremely weak.

At this time, her boyfriend or husband must be careful everywhere, and they need to take good care of these women.

But Ms. Liu encountered such an exception. Her boyfriend even wanted to fight blood on the front line.

"I’ll try it, see how the menstrual period feels better, is it better than usual experience?" Ms. Liu’s boyfriend looked forward to it.

Seeing him like this, Ms. Liu, who was already uncomfortable during menstruation, was even more uncomfortable, and she couldn’t wait to go up and kick him.

"Do you think you can have a room during menstruation? Have you ever thought about what harm will women cause women during menstruation?"

Looking at the boyfriend with a stingy face, Ms. Liu was speechless. "Hurry up and check the information and give you this opportunity, otherwise you will break up."

"Okay, I’ll check it right away, don’t be so decisive."

After some investigation, Ms. Liu’s boyfriend finally knew why Ms. Liu was so angry.

It turns out that when women’s menstruation, it is really impossible to do the same room.

Ms. Liu’s boyfriend also learned about other physiological knowledge of women,

For example, if you ca n’t go in, you will get pregnant; for example, which kind of behavior is harmful to women’s uterus?

Like men, women have their own reproductive system.

But the difference between the two is that in order to take on the task of pregnancy and child, women must go through a painful time -menstruation.

The menstrual period is not born by women, but in adolescence, as women’s second sexual characteristics gradually appear.

For a few days in a month, an egg that does not be fertilized can cause endometrium to fall off and bleed. These blood and blood clots are excreted from the body along the private parts, which is the menstruation we know.

The reason why the menstrual period is because of the influence of the ovaries, the cycle is usually 21 to 32 days, but the situation of each woman is different.

But each woman is the same, and the body is abnormally weak during menstruation, and she often feels falling and pain in the lower abdomen.

These physiological common sense, we have all studied in junior high school biological textbooks, but have not attracted enough attention at all, so there will be so many cognition about menstrual errors.

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As we all know, menstrual women are extremely fragile.

Unexpected eggs are wrapped in the endometrium excrement, which is likely to cause pain in this process, and may even lead to female fainting.

The cervix opens when excretion of these reproductive garbage, which can easily cause infection inside the uterus.

The same room enables men’s reproductive organs to enter women and repeatedly inserts. This behavior will increase the probability of women’s infection.

If men do not clean before the same room, the same room during menstruation may also make women get gynecological diseases.

Not only can not be in the same room during menstruation, but also some of the daily habits of women are very incorrect.

In summer with very hot weather, many people like to drink cold drinks to cool down.

But for menstrual women, it is not advisable to contact these cold foods.

These things are cold and cold, which not only hurts the stomach, but also may induce problems such as dysmenorrhea.

During menstruation, women should not exercise violently.

The severe exercise will cause blood circulation to accelerate, increase the amount of bleeding, and cause women to cause fatigue and other symptoms.

Women should not wear navel installations during menstruation, which can easily cause cold belly, causing uterine spasm.

Women can not take drugs with blood circulation and blood stasis during menstruation. These drugs will accelerate blood flow and circulation, increase the amount of bleeding of women, which will lead to weakness and anemia in women.

Women should avoid gynecological examinations during menstruation, because menstruation may cause errors in the results of examination.

Women should not be overworked during menstruation, otherwise they will reduce women’s immunity and accelerate anemia.

Women eat spicy food during menstruation.

Spicy foods are having hair, which is likely to cause the pain in the waist and abdomen and the discomfort of the uterus.

The easiest thing to make people ignore is that women should keep the vulva clean during menstruation.

Some female elders in the family often require that juniors do not take a bath during menstruation, saying that it is easy to infect bacteria, which is actually wrong.

As long as the bath water is not allowed to enter the uterus along the private parts, it will not cause the internal infection of the uterus.

So as long as you do n’t take a bath during menstruation, the shower is completely possible.

Young people have a passionate life. In addition to the same room during the menstrual period, they may also wipe the guns and get angry, and the marginal behavior occurs. This is actually a kind of harm to women’s bodies.

Some young people do not want to get pregnant and want to improve the experience of sex. They often can’t get in, but sometimes they are pregnant and pregnant.

In fact, in the process of marginal behavior, men’s prostate experience will secrete some sperm.

If these sperm quality is high, they can still enter the private parts from the cell movement from the vulva of women, and combine with eggs to form fertilized eggs, so that women are pregnant.

Therefore, it is possible to cause women to get pregnant.

And if you really want contraception, you must do the following points.

1. Men wearing condoms during sex

Male wearing condoms is the most common method of contraception, and it is very simple to operate.

You only need to bring the condom on the male penis during sex, and shoot it in the condom when ejaculation.

This can prevent sperm from combining sperm with eggs, and contraceptive success is as high as 90%.

It is also very convenient to obtain, and you can buy it in major supermarkets and pharmacies.

But it is not applicable for people who are allergic to latex products.

2. Women take contraceptives

If there is no cover in the process of sex, and do not want to get pregnant, another emergency contraceptive method is to take contraceptives by women.

Contraceptives are divided into 24 hours and 72 hours of emergency. As long as they take contraceptives in these two times, they can effectively achieve contraception.

However, there are certain side effects on women’s bodies, and mothers who are breastfeeding are not applicable.

3. Injecting contraceptives

This is a short -term contraceptive method, which is valid for 3 months.

Applicable to couples who do not want to get pregnant, do not want to bring suits, and often forget to take contraceptives.

However, this contraceptive drug is composed of hormones. Injecting these hormones may cause women’s menstrual disorders, body swelling, and even other diseases.

4. Loening surgery

Loeling surgery is the safest way of contraception, which can achieve 100%permanent contraception.

Men and women can do such surgery. Men’s ligation surgery is simpler and more fast, and the recovery time is shorter.

This contraceptive method is suitable for those couples who want permanent contraceptives.

Therefore, if a couple really did not prepare for pregnancy, in order to avoid "accidents and surprises", contraception must be cautious.

Once the contraceptive fails and the accident is pregnant, abortion will cause irreversible damage to women’s uterus and body.

In addition to the weakness of menstrual women, women’s reproductive systems are also vulnerable to harm.

In the women’s reproductive system, the uterus occupies a tight position.

In order to protect women’s uterus, the following four behaviors cannot be committed lightly.

1. Multiple abortion surgery

The young couple did not want to get pregnant, but the contraceptive failed, and they could only remove the unexpected children through abortion surgery.

And every time the abortion surgery is performed, the inner wall of the uterus is cleaned with a machine.

For surgery, the thickness of the inner wall of the uterus is thinner.

When the thickness of the inner wall of the uterus is thin to a certain degree, women will not have the ability to bred life again.

Therefore, we must do a good job of contraception.

2. Do not pay attention to personal hygiene and partner hygiene

Because of the female physiological structure, if it is not cleaned on time, it will breed bacteria and cause infection.

Therefore, women should clean up the vulva every day, and when the vulva is cleaned up, it should be carefully carefully used. When necessary, you can use some cleaning liquid.

Men also to maintain the dryness and neatness of the vulva during menstruation, and the sanitary napkins should be replaced in time.

Women with sexual partners must also supervise the neatness of their partners to prevent inflammation in the process of sex, infected due to the hygiene problems of partners.

3. Don’t lose weight too much

There are two ways to lose weight. Open your mouth and open your legs.

In order to lose weight, some people are dual -pronged.

Do severe exercise every day, and the menstrual period is not intermittent.

However, severe sports will cause blood circulation to accelerate, increase the amount of bleeding during menstruation, and harm the uterus and ovaries.

And opening your mouth to the point of path of being pathological. Do not eat staple food and carbohydrates. Other nutritious foods can also save.

This bad weight loss method can lead to a decline in immunity and other emergencies.

4. The private life is extremely chaotic

With the deepening of reform and opening up, some Western ideas have poured into the country.

Many people are influenced by the open relationship between the West, and the sexual relationship is only mainly enjoyment.

In this case, it is very easy to hand in. Everyone does not have a fixed partner, and even exchanges partners.

This kind of sexual intercourse is extremely easy to cause people, especially women.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to regulate ourselves for the health of ourselves and our family.

Incantant sexual knowledge and incorrect sex life will cause harm to women’s health.

The sexual relationship between menstrual periods and not only in the period should not be.

Women must be reasonable for their bodies and change their wrong daily habits.

Men’s hygiene during menstruation, do not meet at will, and do contraception during sexual relationships, and do not over -lose weight.

Only when your body is valued first, can you attract the attention of others.

When choosing a male partner, you should also consider this problem.

If the other party does not know, it must be popular in time, and you must not be accommodated and condoned each other.

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