Can I still "do things" during menstruation?Can’t you get pregnant?These 4 behaviors hurt women

In our daily life, the topic of menstrual life has always attracted much attention.

Some people are worried that sexual behavior during menstruation will lead to increased possibility of pregnancy, while others think that it is a relatively safe moment at this time.

So, will sexual life be pregnant during menstruation?

According to survey data, about 65%of women in China firmly believe that sexual sex will not cause pregnancy, and about 30%indicate that they have actually experienced such experiences.

However, this view is not completely accurate.

What is it like?Let’s look down!

If you want to know the answer, we need to understand the physiological cycle of women.

Women’s physiological cycle is usually about 28 days, but there are also some women’s cycles longer or longer.During this cycle, women will go through the ovulation period, ovarian and menstrual period.

The ovulation period refers to the time when the ovaries are released from the ovary, usually around the 14th day of the cycle.If sexual behavior is performed at this time, it is possible to get pregnant.

However, some women’s ovulation periods are not regular, which increases the risk of sexual pregnancy during menstruation.

In addition, tadpoles can survive in women for up to five days, which means that they may conceive even if they perform sexual behavior within a few days after the end of menstrual period.

There are also some women who have started ovulation shortly after the end of the menstrual period, which means that sexual behavior may be pregnant within a few days after the end of menstrual period.

Therefore, even if sexual behavior is performed within a few days after the end of the menstrual period, it will cause pregnancy.

Therefore, menstrual behavior is not completely safe.

Even if sexual behavior is performed during menstruation, it is possible to get pregnant.

Therefore, if you don’t want to get pregnant, it is best to take appropriate contraceptive measures during sexual behavior.

At the same time, we need to pay attention to hygiene to avoid infection.

The life of husband and wife is an indispensable part of husband and wife life, but some sexual behaviors may cause harm to women’s privacy.

Here are four husbands and wives who hurt women’s private parts.

1. No condom

When sexual behavior is performed, not using condoms will expose women to the risks of various viruses and bacteria.

Sexual communication infection (STIS) is a common health problem, without using condoms to increase the risk of infection STIS.

Many Stis can spread through sexual contact, including human immune defect virus (HIV), syphilis, lower body organs herpes.

These pathogens exist in the body fluid (such as blood, liquid, and private dense secretions). When sexual contact with the infected person, these pathogens can enter the women’s reproductive tract.

In the absence of condoms, these pathogens can directly enter women’s bodies and lead to infection.

Sexual communication infection can cause many serious health problems.

For example, cervicitis is a common infection that can be caused by a variety of bacteria and viruses.

Cervicitis can cause inflammation and damage to cervical tissue, increasing the risk of cervical cancer.

Sexual communication infection may also lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. This is a serious infection that can affect women’s private parts, tubes and ovaries, leading to an increase in infertility.

The use of condoms is an important means to protect the health of women’s privacy.

As a barrier method, condoms can prevent pathogens from entering women’s reproductive tract and reducing the risk of infection.

In addition, condoms can also provide a certain degree of contraception to reduce the possibility of accidental pregnancy.

2. Rough sexual behavior

Violence or excessive acts in sexual behavior may cause harm to women’s privacy.

The private part is an important organ in the female reproductive system, and it assumes the function of pregnancy and delivery.

Excessive strong impact or violence may have adverse effects on privacy.

The private neck is a part that connects the private and private parts, which is relatively fragile.

In sexual behavior, if a man excessively impacted the private neck, it may cause a private neck injury.

This damage may cause pain, bleeding or other discomfort.

Private neck damage may also increase the risk of infection, because damaged tissue is more likely to be attacked by bacteria or viruses.

In order to avoid damage to privacy, it is important to be gentle and mutual respect in sexual behavior.Men should respect the feelings and comfort of women and avoid excessive intense impact.

Using lubricants can also reduce friction and stimulation of private necks, and reduce the risk of injury.

3. Good communication and understanding is also the key

Husbands or partners should listen and respect each other’s needs and boundaries.

If women feel uncomfortable or painful, they should stop sexual behavior and seek medical help.

Frequent sexual behavior: Frequent sexual behavior may cause damage to women’s privacy, especially when sexual behavior is excessive or uncomfortable.

Although moderate sexual behavior is good for the body, excessive frequent sexual behavior may have a negative impact on the private parts.

The private part is a muscle organ, similar to other muscles, and it also needs to rest and recover.

If sexual behavior is too frequent, muscles in the private part may become fatigue.

Private muscles that have been in a state of fatigue for a long time may lose elasticity and stability, increasing the risk of prolapse of the private parts.

Private partial prolapse refers to the case where the private part is shifted or out of the pelvic cavity.

Excessive sexual behavior may apply excessive pressure on the support structure of the private parts, causing these structures to weaken or damage, thereby drooping the private place.

Privacy prolapse may lead to discomfort, pain and other related symptoms.Therefore, pay attention to moderate in life to avoid excessive frequent sexual behavior.

The frequency of moderate sexual behavior should be negotiated and understood by husband and wife or partner to ensure that there is enough rest and recovery time in the private part.

4. It is also important to maintain good husband and wife living habits

This includes following sanitary norms, using appropriate lubricants to maintain good health and strongness.If a woman feels any discomfort or pain, consult the doctor in time and conduct appropriate examination and treatment.

Don’t pay attention to hygiene: After sexual behavior, women’s lower body organs are vulnerable to bacterial infection.This is because in the process of sexual behavior, bacteria may spread from areas such as men’s private parts, oral cavity, and private parts to women’s reproductive tract.

If you don’t pay attention to hygiene, these bacteria will have the opportunity to breed in the private place, causing inflammation and infection.

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It is very important to clean the lower body organs.

The use of warm water to wash the external lower body area can help clear bacteria that may remain in sexual behavior.

Use mild fragrance soaps and avoid irritating chemicals to avoid unnecessary stimulation to lower body organs.

In addition to cleaning the external lower body area, women should also pay attention to the cleaning of the urethral opening.

The urethral opening is a area that is vulnerable to bacterial infection. Therefore, after sexual behavior, you can use paper towels or wet towels to gently wipe the area from the private part to the urethral opening to prevent bacteria from entering the urethra to cause urinary tract infections.

It is also very important to urinate in time.

By urination, urine can be washed away potential bacteria to reduce the risk of infection.

Therefore, after sexual behavior, try not to urinate as much as possible, and timely urination is very helpful for maintaining the reproductive tract sanitation.

The life of husband and wife is an important part of husband and wife life, but if you don’t want to get pregnant, you need to take measures to avoid unexpected pregnancy.

Here are some ways to get pregnant for some husbands and wives.

1. contraceptive pill

Contraceptive pills are a common contraceptive method that is widely used for women’s contraception.

They contain a certain dose of hormone, mainly estrogen and progesterone, which can be used by oral or injection.

The main working mechanism of contraceptives is to inhibit ovulation, that is, prevent the ovarian from release eggs.

By regulating the level of hormone in the body, they inhibit the secretion of follicle hormones and luteum & lutein, thereby inhibiting the occurrence of ovulation.

In addition, contraceptives can make cervical mucus sticky, prevent tadpoles from entering women, and make women’s internal endometrium unsuitable for fertilized eggs.

Women need a doctor’s guidance and supervision using contraceptives.

Before starting the use of contraceptives, doctors usually conduct comprehensive physical examinations to understand personal health and genetic backgrounds to ensure the safety and applicability of contraceptives.

Doctors will choose suitable contraceptives and doses and provide users with detailed instructions.

Untitled contraceptive pills may lead to side effects.

Some common side effects include chest pain, headache, nausea, irregular bleeding during pregnancy, and emotional fluctuations.

In the first few months after the use of contraceptives, these side effects may be more obvious, but usually gradually reduced.

However, some people may be allergic to the composition of contraceptives or other health problems, resulting in side effects more serious.

Therefore, the guidance and supervision of doctors are very important for reducing the risk of side effects.

In addition to conventional side effects, contraceptives also have certain risks and precautions.

There may be higher risks such as smokers, patients with hypertension, people with a tendency of thrombosis or a history of thrombosis, and patients with breast cancer.

In addition, some drugs may interact with contraceptives and reduce their effects, so you need to be careful when using other drugs at the same time.

2. Constitution

Constitution is a simple and easy -to -use contraceptive method. It is often used in the life of husband and wife. It can effectively prevent tadpoles from entering women and avoid conception.

People need to pay attention to the correct use of condoms to ensure their effectiveness.

Before using the condom, first make sure that the men get up in the morning and keep them dry.

Choose an unprecedented and intact condom. Be careful when you open the condom packaging to avoid using nails or sharp objects to damage the condom.

Gently go to the private parts to ensure that the sleeve is not upside down, leaving some space at the top to accommodate liquid.

At the same time, gently squeeze the space at the top of the condom with your fingers to discharge the air in it to avoid rupture of the sleeve.

Next, continue to slide the condom to the root of the private part to ensure closely fitting, and the entire private parts are completely covered.

Be careful not to twist or stretch the condom to avoid the risk of rupture.

When performing sexual behavior, ensure that the condom is always kept in the right position.

After the sex behavior is over, the private parts are still in the morning, and the condom should be removed from the private parts in time to avoid risks that the sleeves fall or stay in women.

Contraceptive ring: contraceptive ring is a long -term contraceptive method that can be placed inside women and women.The contraceptive ring can inhibit ovulation and tadpoles to avoid conception.

The use of a contraceptive ring requires the guidance and supervision of doctors, because improper use may lead to side effects.

3. Safety period

The safety period is a natural contraception method that can be determined by calculating the menstrual cycle of women.

Avoid the life of husband and wife before the female ovulation period, which can avoid conception.

Using safety period, you need to understand the menstrual cycle and calculation methods of women, otherwise errors may occur.

Behavioral interruption: Behavior interruption is an unreliable contraceptive method. It can avoid conception from the female body from the female body before launch.

However, this method is prone to errors, because tadpoles may have entered women before launch.

Whether sexual behavior can be performed during menstruation is a topic of controversy, because different people have different opinions and preferences.

Before making any decisions, the most important thing is to respect and care for your own body and the needs and comfort of your partner with your sexual behavior.

During the menstrual period, a series of physiological changes will occur, including menstrual blood flow, and women’s internal walls.

This may cause some women to feel tired, uncomfortable or emotional during menstruation.Therefore, for some women, sexual behavior during menstruation may not be willing or uncomfortable.On the other hand, some women may feel that their desires increase during menstruation or have no discomfort.

For these women, sexual behavior during menstruation may be a feasible choice.

However, it should be noted that women still need to pay attention to hygiene issues during sex, such as proper use of contraceptive measures and reducing the risk of infection.

The most important thing is whether sexual behavior is a personal decision and requires full communication and understanding with the partner.

Whether you choose sexual behavior during menstruation, you must ensure that both sides feel comfortable and respectful.

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