Can I still dye hair or use anti -wrinkle products when I am pregnant?


Before writing today’s theme, I deliberately asked my friends around: If you are pregnant, what is the habit of beauty you do not want to abandon?The answers they get are really diverse …

I heard that when you are pregnant, you have to cut off a long hair!But the short hair I can accept must be paired with cool hair color.Such as 50 degrees gray, rose gold.As a star who loves hair, I can’t imagine what the short hair that is not cool after pregnancy will look like.


I have seen a report before. Through animal experiments, it is found that chemicals in hairdressing products (such as benzide, aminophenophen compounds, ethanlamine, etc.) are risks.Although the amount of chemical substances in hairdressing products is extremely low in the human body, don’t toss your hair for your baby’s safety.

Of course, if you need work or you have to toss, please remember the following three points:

① Use formal qualified products;

② Before dyeing hair, make sure that the scalp is intact and no damage. After dyeing hair dyeing, it should be cleaned in time, especially to clean the scalp;

③ Pay attention to the frequency, amount and correct method of use, and choose the place where air circulation is selected to minimize the inhalation of harmful chemicals.

I have paid attention to anti -wrinkle and anti -aging since the age of 25. Now I am only 31 to be a mother. I must insist on anti -wrinkle. Otherwise, "no skin care during pregnancy is equal to aging for 13 years."My wife!


Most anti -wrinkle skin care products contain vitamin acid. Vitamin acid can promote the metabolism of skin cells and slow down the decomposition of skin collagen, thereby achieving the effect of anti -aging and anti -wrinkle.But do we remember what we said before?During pregnancy, vitaminic acid is risk of teratogenic acid, and even more may cause abortion and low -weight fetuses, so it is still a good time to stay away from it!

I don’t know which one will come first!It is estimated that the most painful thing is that the children have it. The acne, which has grown for more than ten years, will not tell me goodbye to me!So if there is a day, I will take advantage of the lightness during pregnancy, and insist on fighting acne without having to work overtime every day!


In a word: There are many salicylic acid in acne products. If you want to be the silly son of the landlord’s house, then you can use it!

As a loyal fan of Mommy, I read each of your tweets!(Mi Xiaoyu: Lao Tie, don’t think that you change the vest, I don’t know you are the aunt next door.) I know that there are many taboos during pregnancy, but because I often take pictures and make shapes, there should be no problem with spray hair gum on my hair!


Many pregnant mothers who are used for styling know that the styling effect is super strong!Even in the wind, the hair is like wiping 502!But this spray hair glue is often accompanied by a very pungent taste, because it usually contains phthalin acid.

Studies have found that contact with phenyl acid during pregnancy may affect the development of the reproductive system of male fetuses.And it may have an impact on children’s future intelligence and psychological development!If pregnant mothers must use such products, it must be used in places with good ventilation environment or it is best to use alternatives that do not contain indoctrilic acid.

Although it is suffering during pregnancy in the eyes of many pregnant mothers, because there are various taboos, since we choose to be a mother, we are not as tedious to enjoy this rare reason and carefulness while talking about life, because the baby is healthy and healthy.When you come to this world, you will find that everything is worth it.

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