Can I still take medicine during gynecological diseases during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women’s gynecological diseases be used for medicine?

Careful medication.

If you suffer from gynecological inflammation because of improper health care, you must actively conduct examination and treatment. Delaying the condition is the greatest harm to the fetus. Of course, when treatment, you must explain to the experts that you are pregnant.Reality, this is more convenient for experts to consider medication.

What kind of medicine can pregnant women suffer from gynecological diseases?

1. Use Dakning Cream for vulvaritis

There are also many pregnant women who are easily suffering from vulvritis during pregnancy. The symptoms of this gynecological disease are mainly leucorrhea abnormalities and itching of vulva. Once these uncomfortable symptoms are found, pregnant women must take good treatment.It is absolutely impossible to take drugs. Otherwise, some ingredients in the drug will be absorbed by the fetus, causing various unexpected consequences.The best treatment method should be painted with the vulva with Dakinine cream. With 10-14 days as a course of treatment, the drug can be stopped after 7 days of stopping the medicine.

However, if a pregnant woman with more than 35 weeks of pregnancy suffers from vulvanitis, at this time, pay special attention when taking medicine at this time. In order to better avoid intrauterine infection, it cannot be operated in the vagina when taking the medicine.

2. Moomal vaginitis use soda and washing fluid

Pregnant women have a very high chance of suffering from fungal vaginitis during pregnancy. Poor living habits are the main causes of causes. Of course, there are many other factors.Once suffering from fungal vaginitis, pregnant women must be treated in a timely and effective treatment at this time, otherwise the mold is likely to be infected with upward infection and affects the good growth and development of the fetus.And the treatment of mold vaginitis must be thoroughly treated, and the drug is automatically stopped when the symptoms are eased.

The treatment method of mold vaginitis is very simple. You only need to wash the vulva and vagina of 2% -3% soda, Jieer Yin to clean the vagina, and develop the habit of replacing underwear every day.Wash it together.

3. Trichomonas vaginitis is used to destroy the ticking spirit

Pregnant women with trichomoniasis vaginitis can choose lead acetate solution or 3%boric acid solution when treatment, or oral or vaginal medication.Destroyer, 0.2g each time, take seven days a day for seven days a day and review. If there is no inflammation, you can stop the medicine.However, the couple must be taken with the same medicine when taking the medicine, and pregnant women should pay attention to the vaginal medicine. Once every night, 0.2 to 0.4g each time, it is also seven consecutive days.

In the face of the problem of gynecological diseases in pregnant women, these pregnant women need special attention. After understanding these, pregnant women should pay attention to the timely replacement of underwear to prevent the secretion from breeding the bacteria.

4. GM: potassium permanganate solution sitting bath bath

Whether it is vulvitis or mold vaginitis, pregnant women should be based on basic treatment methods, that is, the hygiene of private parts during treatment must be guaranteed.In addition to paying attention to the underwear, you should also pay attention to boiling with boiling water for a while, so that you can kill the bacteria and various germs in it well.At the same time, we must pay special attention. During the treatment, you should also pay attention to keeping the vulva clean and dry. When itching, it should be paid to avoid scratching, hot water washing and using soap. Otherwise, gynecological inflammation will be more serious.

If the infection is relatively serious, you can also use potassium permanganate solution to take a bath at this time. Pastening panties should also pay attention to breathable and wide.In your daily diet, you should also pay attention to avoid some wine and spicy or allergic foods. In the face of the problems of gynecological diseases, these need special attention.

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