Can I take Chinese medicine during pregnancy?For these 4 Chinese medicines, expectant mothers should take it cautiously

When expectant mothers are sick or uncomfortable, they often feel that taking Chinese medicine will be safer than taking western medicine. I feel that traditional Chinese medicine is a pure natural ingredient. It should not have such a great impact on the baby.In fact, there are many taboos of maternal medicine in Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine is also a medicine, and there are also suitable certificates and taboos. Of course, there will be Chinese medicine that pregnant women should avoid and take cautiously.In many ancient Chinese medicine books, it is recorded.However, this type of pregnancy that is recorded in ancient books is mostly toxic, the medicine is fierce, or it is hot and cold.Except for these medicines, are other medicines really safe?not necessarily.Because for expectant mothers, it is necessary to pay attention to which Chinese medicine will excite the uterus, which Chinese medicine has reproductive toxicity, which Chinese medicine has genetic toxicity, and so on.

Below, we will give a few common Chinese medicines that expectant mothers should use with caution:

The first one to introduce is "friend of women" -Angelica.Angelica has the function of nourishing blood and regulating menstruation, so menstrual irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, and menstrual closed like to use angelica.However, modern pharmacological research believes that Angelica has a two -way effect on the uterus and may shrink the uterus.So for expectant mothers, it is not recommended to use Angelica.

Motherwort is also a commonly used medicine for women. Do not look at the name "Yimu", but think that it can be used during pregnancy.It is usually used for postpartum lochia and incomplete uterine contraction, so it can also be known that motherwort also has the effect of promoting uterine contraction.The sweet and sour hawthorn is also used to promote uterine contraction.The use of delivery women has the effect of giving birth.

Then let’s talk about Chinese medicines that have reproductive toxicity and genetic toxicity discovered by modern pharmacological research.Sometimes our family soup is used to use the traditional Chinese medicine of Astragalus to nourish qi and prevent sweat.Studies have shown that when the Astragalus is more than 1.0 mg/kg, it has a certain maternal toxicity for SD rats; in terms of embryonic toxicity, when the dose of 1.0 mg/kg isPhenomenon.However, the current astragalus has no significant effect on the fetal development of the test animals. The quality of the fetus, body length, placental quality, and bone development have no effect, and there is no obvious teratogenic effect.

Usually influenza, acute pharyngitis, and tonsillitis, if it is a thermal syndrome, it will often use the medicinal material of Banlangen.However, some studies have proven that Banlangen has a teratogenic effect on mice sperm and can increase the mammalian chromosome disturbance.

Even our commonly used tire preservation of eucommia decoction, under certain conditions, can induce certain cell gene mutations and cause chromosome damage, indicating that it has potential genetic toxicity to the human body.However, these pharmacological studies were conducted on animals, and the results were for reference only.

The most important thing in Chinese medicine is to treat syndrome differentiation, so the above medicines are not absolutely taboo.For example, in Chinese medicine, there is a tire named Annius, which is called Taishan Pan San, which contains angelica and astragalus. It is used to treat abortion, sliding tires, and fetal movements caused by weak qi and blood.The intention of this prescription is to make the qi and blood insufficient, not enough to nourish the fetus and solidify the fetus to replenish qi and blood to solidify the fetus.However, its usage is only one day of three or five days, until April of pregnancy, and the dosage is light.

There are so many examples above, all of which involve very common medicinal materials.Listing them here will never cause unnecessary panic, nor does it mean that these medicines must not be used.However, during pregnancy, whether it is taking Chinese medicine or western medicine, it has certain risks. If the expectant mothers have the need for medication, please remember to ask doctors with related medication experience.

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