Can laugh after giving birth and cough?4 types of exercise methods, help you "stop" and live in trouble

"When I cough and laugh, I will involuntarily omit urine …" Over the years, Ms. Zhang has been cautious.

Ms. Zhang from Zhejiang was originally a "female man" with a bodies, but 8 years ago, Ms. Zhang suddenly had difficulty.

"I always feel frequent urination and urgency. I always find a bathroom when I go out." Ms. Wang said that in severe cases, she had to use urine and pads for a long time.I dare not go. "

Therefore, in recent years, Ms. Zhang has been seeking medical treatment everywhere. Chinese medicine and western medicine have taken a lot of medicine.

Like Ms. Zhang, there are many women who suffer from urine and torture. Whenever they mention this problem, they feel embarrassed and painful.

The bladder problem is the most direct cause.The bladder plays a very important role in the body. The urine is stored in the bladder. When the bladder is "aging and weak", the urine cannot be "kept" well, so the problem of leakage of urine occurs.

With the age of age, the various organs of the body will gradually aging, and the bladder is no exception.The decline in the bladder function of the elderly will cause the bladder muscles to be weak and the contraction function will gradually decrease. Once this phenomenon occurs, it is easy to cause urine leakage when sneezing, coughing, or even laughing.

It is also a major cause of pelvic muscle damage after pregnancy.This factor is more common in novice mothers. Soon after giving birth to children, some women will have cough and sneezing.This is because when they are pregnant, the pelvic muscles are expanded as the fetus grows up. After the "unloading", because the pelvic muscles are enlarged for a long time, they cannot fully recover back to the original appearance. Therefore, the pelvic muscle is damaged.The tension is reduced, which causes the problem of leakage.

Anomalial renal function can also cause the problem of leakage.In daily life, it is more men who pay attention to kidney health. Women often ignore kidney health, and believe that women will not have problems such as kidney loss.However, abnormal kidney function is regardless of gender. When women’s kidneys are damaged, it will inevitably lead to problems with the urinary system and cause urine leakage.

If women leakage, do not ignore it. If they are old, they may be a manifestation of physical aging.However, if you still have a problem of leakage in urine, you must pay attention to your body. It is likely that there is a problem with the body, and you must go to the hospital for examination in time.

Stress urinary incontinence: It is the most common type, characterized by cough, sneezing, or even laughing, and there will be urine flowing out of involuntarily. The mechanism of the disease is more complicated.Anatomy changes and abnormal urethral sphincter function may cause stress urinary incontinence.

Urgent urinary incontinence: It means that when the urine is not mainstream, it will accompany strong urination, characterized by urgency, frequent urination, and unable to control urination independently.Urine -like incontinence is caused by urinary tract infection, urinary tract infarction or drug.

Mixed urinary incontinence: At the same time, it has stress urinary incontinence, acute urinary incontinence and even more types of urinary incontinence. At the same time, there are the characteristics and symptoms of the two types of urinary incontinence.

Functional urinary incontinence: It is due to emotional disorders and central nervous system lesions caused by urinary incontinence. The characteristic is that urinary incontinence is often sudden and cannot control urination, especially when tension and excitement appear, the performance is the most obvious.

Complete urinary incontinence: surgical injury, congenital defects and other reasons can also cause complete urinary incontinence.It shows that urine continues to leak.

Ucuddy and uncomfortable urine incontinence. How to treat it?

The first is the Caiger Movement.Women who have urinary incontinence can try the Kagel movement, and enhance muscle tension through specific exercise methods to improve the problem of urine leakage.

Before doing the Kagel movement, relax the muscles and empty urine; then, tighten the pelvic muscles, keep it for five seconds, relax the pelvic muscles for ten seconds, and then tighten the muscles for five seconds, relax the muscles for ten seconds,Repeat the above actions ten times, and you can do three or four groups a day to achieve better treatment results.

Basin repair movement is also a good choice.In addition to doing the Kagel exercise, women who leak urine can also do pot bottom repair exercises, such as doing hip bridges and squats.

When doing the hip bridge exercise, lie flat on the ground, tighten your hips, rely on your hips to hang the lower body, keep the lower body for about ten seconds, then put down your hips, continue to tighten your hips, lift it, repeat ten times to fifteen fifteen fifteenthsSecond, you can persist in two groups every day.

For more severe leakage, surgical treatment can also be treated, such as urethral interruption suspension, which is an effective treatment of leakage surgery. In addition, drug treatment can be selected.

Women who have a problem of leakage urine, do not ignore psychological guidance, especially for novice mothers, there is a problem of leakage urine, and psychological pressure is also very great. In this regard, you can choose to see a psychologist for psychological guidance and solve yourself.The heart knot.

The problem of leakage of urine can be large or small. No matter which cause, once you find that you have a leakage, you cannot hide it, but you should actively receive treatment!

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