Can pregnant mothers use cephalosporins?

Everyone knows that cephalosporin is a type of antibacterial drug. Ceifacin antibiotics are currently widely used antibiotics. They belong to β-lactam broad-spectrum antibiotics. Cef drugs are divided into four generations.Higher renal poisoning has been eliminated, and most of them are currently used in the second, third, fourth generation, and new cephalosporin drugs.There are many types of cephalosporins, including oral, injected, and infusion.

Generally, the disease resistance of pregnant mothers will decline after pregnancy. If you don’t pay attention to, you may have respiratory infection and urinary tract infection. In this case, whether to take anti -inflammatory drugs for treatment, you must listen to the doctor.Although it is best not to take medicine during pregnancy, if the infection is severe or even causes a fever, it will also affect the fetus, and use some anti -inflammatory drugs to control the condition well.

In principle, cephalosporin antibacterial drugs are the least impact among all antibiotics on fetal development.If there are absolute indications during pregnancy, if you need to take antibiotics for treatment, you can consider using cephalosporin antibiotics.

However, cephalosporin antibiotics are only effective for bacterial infectious diseases. When there is no bacterial infection, it is not suitable for antibiotics such as cephalosporin. If it is viral, there is no need to use cephalosporin or other antibiotics.EssenceTherefore, the diagnosis is needed before taking the medicine, and the cephalosporin antibiotic allergies must be excluded.

There are certain principles when using cephalosporin drugs. Whether pregnant women or ordinary patients, they need to follow the principles of cephalosporin: they cannot be abused. Many people take cephalosporin as soon as they have a cold or fever. This is wrong.To use targeted use to get the most suitable results.When using cephalosporin, you can take oral drugs as much as possible.

In short, if the condition is needed, the pregnancy period can be used, but it must be used under the guidance of a doctor, and you must not abuse it by yourself.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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