Can pregnant women drink medicinal wine? The effect of drinking wine on the fetus

As the name suggests, medicinal wine is a wine that can cure disease and health care. The biggest difference between the common wine is to add special Chinese herbal medicine.Pregnant women can’t drink, can pregnant women drink medicinal wine?

1. Can pregnant women drink medicinal wine?

Some pregnant women may be more likely to get sick due to the decline in resistance during pregnancy. Some people recommend drinking a little medicinal wine, but Xiaobian recommends that pregnant women are best forbidden to ban alcohol.

Medical research has confirmed that drinking for pregnant women will have a great impact on the fetus and will cause fetal malformation and defects.In addition, the medicinal wine contains a large amount of medicinal materials, and it is mixed together. Pregnant women cannot take medicine at will, and it is even more important to drink medicinal wine.

2. The problem of often occur in pregnant women drinking and wine

1. Allergy: During pregnancy, because of the role of hormon, pregnant women’s skin is dry and prone to allergies. The composition in alcohol will exacerbate allergies and cause pregnancy discomfort.

2. Increase metabolism: Due to the internal changes of the body, pregnant women are strong in metabolism. Coupled with drinking, it will accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, which is more likely to sweat and urine frequently.

3. Easy to fall: Because the nerve sensation becomes slow, the response becomes slower, and the size of pregnant women becomes larger, and the action is relatively slow, and it is easy to fall.Essence

4. Broken stomach: Drinking too much wine can easily cause hangover, and it will cause vomiting. The number of vomiting becomes more, which will cause a great burden on the gastrointestinal and intestines.

5. Alcohol poisoning: If pregnant women are immersed in the wine hometown for a long time, they will not only hurt their bodies, but also endanger the fetus, causing abortion or abnormal fetal abnormalities.

6. Insufficient nutrition: Drinking can cause loss of appetite, affect the nutritional absorption of pregnant women, and hinder the growth of the fetus.

Drinking of pregnant women can make alcohol enter the fetus through the placenta, and directly toxic the fetus, which not only makes the fetus develop slowly, but also causes malformations and defects of certain organs. Can pregnant women drink medicinal alcohol?Let’s take a look together!

Third, the effect of pregnant women’s drinking on the fetus

The brain is narrow, short, and even deformity of the heart and limbs.Some fetuses are manifested as dullness, foolishness, and illness, and even cause future generations of illness abolition.

4. Pregnant women should quit alcohol 3 months before pregnancy

Pregnant women are not only unable to drink medicine, but also the best quit smoke and alcohol 3 months before pregnancy. In order to health in the future, pregnant women cannot drink alcohol.Drinking will be harmful to the fetus, because what pregnant women eat will be transported into the fetus through the placenta, and alcohol will be the same, which will cause fetal malformations and defects and dysplasia.Moreover, drinking will also cause harm to pregnant women. Everyone knows "drinking and hurting the body", not to mention the pregnant mother with the baby.

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