Can pregnant women drink wine?British women said that they gave birth to five healthy children with drinking wine

According to British media reports on February 12, a pregnant woman in the UK still insisted on drinking during her pregnancy and caused heated discussions on social media.Many people criticized her that this was irresponsible behavior, but she refuted for this: this is my body, my choice has nothing to do with you.

The woman from Skobel, NATO -Chun, named Zora, was the mother of five children.In an interview, she said that she had enough attacks on her alcoholic behavior, claiming that her children were as smart and healthy as others.

▲ Zora

"When I went to the bar with my friends, a waiter noticed that my big belly asked me in a tentative tone in the future:‘ Do n’t change orange juice? ’I frowned and said, no, I drink like them."

"This is not the first time. Many years old women see me and yell at me in the tone of education. Bar staff also refused to serve me. Sometimes drinking at home, I still have to drinkHiding in the bathroom, because my 13 -year -old daughter doesn’t like me to drink. "

▲ Zora and four children

"People are accusing me like trials, as if I have committed a crime, but in fact I don’t have it, I want to defend my right."

▲ Zora and the newborn baby

A recent report from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom stated that the children who were born with drinking women during pregnancy were lower, and the risk of lacking weight was greater.

The chief medical officer of the British National Medical Services (NHS) suggested that if you are pregnant or are about to get pregnant, the safest way is to drop wine and reduce the risk of infant health.

They point out that drinking during pregnancy will cause long -term harm to babies. The more you drink, the greater the risk.Nevertheless, a research data in 2019 shows that 41%of British women still drink alcohol during pregnancy.

So, should women quit drinking during pregnancy?

▲ Zola, who drinks beer

"I have enough pressure to ask pregnant women to be perfect, and I have suffered endless rules. We feel because we are too thin, too fat, do not eat or do not eat, exercise or exercise, and occasionally drink a glass of wine.Ashamed and criticized. Now it is time for people to stop maliciously judging us. I am not afraid to admit that I always like to drink a strange wine during my five pregnancy, but all my children are healthy. This is the fact. "Zola raised an objection to pregnant women’s drinking.

Despite being criticized by strangers, daughters and bar staff, Zora said that her friends and parents supported her decision."They know that my child is very healthy. They know that I am a good mother. I have separated from my husband, but he has never had any objections to me."

"Of course, I have also read the story of fetal alcohol score (FASD). I don’t drink alcohol, my four children also prove that I have not hurt them. I don’t rely on alcohol.Drink only one or two cups per week.

"I know that many people will blame me irresponsible when they see this article. The fact is that I am not. I am a mother, this is my body, I know what to do with my body and baby. Of course you can make itYour choice, but you are not qualified to change my choice. "Zora insisted on defending himself.

(Ling Kai, review school: melon beans)

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