Can pregnant women eat durian?Nutrition experts: There are 5 benefits, but remember not to be greedy

For durian, people show two very different attitudes.Those who like to eat durian, feel that durian’s entrance lips are fragrant and delicious, and those who hate durian hate the taste of durian and even avoid it.However, everyone admits that the nutritional value of durian is very high, and there is even a saying "one durian and three chickens."Some people say that it is good for pregnant women to eat durian.Why is this?

Why do people say that pregnant women eat durian?

Durian’s nutritional value is high, and it is known as the "king of fruits".Modern studies have shown that durian is rich in nutrition, and its flesh contains starch, sugar, protein, fat, vitamin C and trace elements (such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, etc.).In Thailand, durian is often used as a supplement for patients and postpartum women to nourish the body.Durian can promote blood circulation and dispel cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, which is especially suitable for women who suffer from dysmenorrhea.The reason why pregnant women eat durians are good, there is the following 5 points:

(1) It is conducive to fetal growth and development: Durian is rich in protein and amino acids required by a variety of human body, which can supplement protein for pregnant women, which is conducive to fetal growth and development.

(2) Effectively alleviate the cold of the abdomen and increase appetite: durian heat can effectively relieve the coldness of the abdomen of pregnant women with cold body quality.At the same time, durian taste is relatively unique. For pregnant women with poor appetite, they can increase their appetite.

(3) Supplementing calcium, iron, etc.: The content of trace elements such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus in durian is relatively high, which can meet the needs of the fetus.

(4) Enhance resistance and promote iron absorption: Durian is rich in vitamin C, which can effectively enhance the resistance of pregnant women; for pregnant women who need iron supplementation, they can promote the body’s absorption of iron.

(5) Remove constipation: Pregnant women are prone to constipation.The high dietary fiber content in durian can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility to relieve the problem of constipation of pregnant women.

What should I pay attention to when eating durian?

Durian is hot, pregnant women should eat less, eating too much at a time can easily cause the body to be hot and cause fire symptoms.Durian has high calories and sugar. From this perspective, pregnant women should not eat more durian, so as not to affect fetal health.Generally speaking, each person should not exceed two petals durian a day.As a special population, pregnant women should not exceed one petal durian every day.In addition, drink plenty of water when eating durian to facilitate digestion and absorption.

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