Can pregnant women eat persimmon?Obstetrician summarizes: 4 fruit codes of pregnant women

Pregnant women must pay special attention to their diet during pregnancy, otherwise they may hurt the fetus.So can pregnant women eat persimmon during pregnancy?

Pregnant women can eat persimmons during pregnancy, but because there are many tannic acid in the formula, if pregnant women eat too much persimmons, it is likely to aggravate constipation during pregnancy. ThereforeCan eat more.

Some pregnant women like persimmons like to eat some frozen persimmons. This kind of diet is not good, because frozen foods can easily stimulate the intestines of pregnant women, which will cause diarrhea. In severe cases, it may cause contraction., Premature and miscarriage.

It should be noted that if pregnant women eat persimmons, then do not eat some protein -rich or calcium -rich foods immediately. Otherwise, gastric persimmon stones may appear.

If pregnant women suffer from pregnancy high pressure syndrome, you can eat a little more persimmon, because persimmons are rich in tannic acid and vitamin C and vitamin A.Function has a good effect on alleviating blood pressure in stretch marks.

Persimmon belongs to a benign food, so it is best for pregnant women to not eat persimmons on an empty stomach, and the convergence of persimmons is very strong. If you eat too much, you will cause dry stool and increase constipation.

Persimmon cannot be eaten with crabs, let alone eat with high -protein foods. Pregnant women with chronic gastritis should not eat persimmons. Pregnant women with anemia should not eat persimmons. Pregnant women with poor digestiveness should not eat persimmons.

1. Pregnant women are best not to eat peaches during pregnancy, because eating too much peach will increase the heat in the pregnant woman’s body, which will cause fetal movement, and may cause abortion in severe cases.

2. Pregnant women can eat less longan during pregnancy, because the longan is easy to get angry, and it may also cause pregnant women’s stomach qi and vomiting.

3. Pregnant women can eat more when they are just pregnant, apples, grapes, and bananas and grapefruit.Because pregnant women are more suitable for eating some neutral fruits during early pregnancy, hot fruits must be eaten less. If you must eat hot fruits, it is best to eat it with cold fruits.And its effect.

4. Pregnant women are best to eat some pears, oranges, lemon and cherry, kiwi and other fruits in the middle of pregnancy.Moms in the middle of pregnancy are generally very good, and he is also in the period of golden development, so there are more nutrients that the mother needs is more than normal people.The iron content is very rich, which can prevent iron deficiency anemia and can health.

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