Can pregnant women rub nail polish?Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, obstetrics and gynecologists come to answer

Many girls will fix nail art, make nail painting, and stick them with three -dimensional cute patterns. However, they often make nails and apply gel products. Although they look good, if the nails are inflamed, red, or pressing pain, they should immediately seek medical treatment to avoid causing nails to avoid trigger nails.Dortitis, even nails cannot grow and fall off.

A nail artist went to the dermatologist for medical treatment because of his ten fingertips, ash nails, and merging taigallastitis.After the consultation, it turned out that she had been in her nails for more than half a year. In order to promote her nails, she had a cute pattern such as her nails, sticking to crystals, etc., and continued to receive phototherapy, so that she was injured, causing bacterial and mold infections.

If the growth of the nails is affected, the surface will be uneven, and it may cause onychomycosis. In severe cases, it will cause nail death. If the finger is less protected, it may reduce the control of the hand and have to be careful.

After finishing gel nails, you must protect your fingers, avoid impact, and do not use overheated water when bathing and wash your hands to avoid damaging patterns, and pay attention to cleaning.In addition, nails are exposed to ultraviolet rays, and the skin loses oil and water. It should often apply lotion and Vaselin around the nails to strengthen moisturizing.

In addition, the nail process is complicated. First, polish, smooth, apply gel, and then illuminate with ultraviolet lights.When the nail art is executed, it is best to apply it many times like paint. Each irradiation does not exceed 30 seconds to reduce skin allergies, cause black or tingling problems.

The growth of nails is a growth board that needs to be carefully protected. Long -term grinding armor and gel in gel will easily cause nail damage. If it is not necessary, it is not recommended to stick the three -dimensional decorations such as crystals on the surface of the nails. Although it is not heavy, it is still stillIt will affect nail growth.

When selecting nail products, you should pay attention to whether there is a complete label on the packaging, and when used, apply it many times when used.Gel nail products must be irradiated by ultraviolet lights to solidify. Based on safety, qualified products should be used, which is more secure.

Avoid inhaling organic solvents, should pay attention to apply nail polish for pregnant mothers

Is it suitable for pregnant mothers to apply nail polish?Since nails are outside the fingers, when applying nail polish, it will not allow the body to directly absorb harmful substances, and there is no need to worry about affecting the fetus.However, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the organic solvents in nail polish. When nail polish volatilizes, it will produce a pungent taste. Some people will feel dizzy and uncomfortable when they smell it. Therefore, pay attention to the ventilation environment.Apply nail polish to avoid causing physical discomfort.

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