Can pregnant women steam the hot springs and sweat?This article tells you the answer, you must pay attention

Winter is here, and the relaxation methods such as steaming and soaking in hot springs have begun again, but one type of people still have certain requirements for these relaxation methods, that is, pregnant women. So, can pregnant women soak hot springs and steaming?

There is no clear rule at present, it is said that pregnancy cannot be soaked in hot springs


It is best to be more cautious for safety and decide according to your own situation.

For example, in the middle of pregnancy, pregnant mothers who are healthy and stable are allowed to make hot springs appropriately.

What are the benefits of your body?

Soaking hot springs help relieve physical fatigue and achieve fatigue function.Urban people with tight living rhythm can occasionally bubble hot springs to achieve physical and mental relaxation.

Hot spring hot bath can expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and help maintain youthful appearance, beauty and fitness.

Nowadays, there are many natural oxygen bar hot spring resorts. In the open -air environment, we bathe the mild sunshine and breathe fresh air. The calcium in the hot spring is helpful for calcium to supplement the body under the appropriate ultraviolet interaction.

Most hot springs are rich in chemicals and have certain help to the human body.For example, calcium carbonate in hot springs has a good effect on improving physical fitness and restoring physical strength.

In winter, hot and cold alternates can increase the heart shrinkage function, promote blood circulation, stimulate the smoothness of the heart and cerebrovascular, and prevent hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, and hypertension.

The following situations are not recommended to soak hot springs

◆ Pregnant mother with 3 months of pregnancy:

Various indicators of mothers in early pregnancy are unstable.

◆ Pregnant mother in the third trimester (last 3 months)

Moms in the third trimester of pregnancy or bathing can easily cause premature birth.

◆ Pregnant mother with contraindications

There are threatened abortion, aura premature birth, pregnancy drama spitting, pre -placenta, premature placental peeling, premature fetal membrane breakdown, uterine fibroids during pregnancy, pregnancy hypertrophy, vaginal inflammation, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, skin damage and other taboosMom is not suitable for hot spring/bath.

What are the aspects of soaking in hot springs?

1. Water quality should be clean

Pregnant mothers will decrease during pregnancy. If the water quality of hot springs is not good, bacteria will be used to use the vagina of the pregnant mother, which will cause vaginitis such as mold.

Once vaginitis occurs, the fetal membrane is likely to break early and cause bad pregnancy ending. Pregnant mothers should also avoid soaking strong acids or hydrogen sulfide hot springs!

2. Pay attention to the circulation of air

Only the environment of air flow can provide sufficient oxygen. Therefore, the hot springs of hot springs should choose places with fewer people, good air circulation, and fresh air. It can not only ensure the provision of oxygen, but also avoid the spread of diseases such as influenza.

3. Pay attention to the mild time of water

The time for soaking can not exceed 30 minutes. The water temperature is best controlled between 38-40 ° C (because the amniotic fluid is constant temperature and the water temperature is too high, it will affect the temperature of the amniotic fluidOr the fetal movement is frequent. In addition, the temperature of the bath water should not exceed 38 ° C.), the water level cannot be higher than the heart.

4. Be sure to replenish water when soaking

The metabolism of the body during the hot spring is strengthened. In addition, the surrounding high temperature can easily make people feel dry and dry. You can put a cup of water next to it and timely replenish water to prevent the fetus from being short of water.

5. Pay attention to keep warm

The position of the heart above the hot spring cannot be soaked in the water. You can cover your shoulders with a small blanket to avoid causing a cold.

After the water is out of the water, dry the whole body to increase the clothes in time.

6. Can’t soak hot springs alone

Someone must be accompanied, because the ground is slippery or too many people, it is very dangerous to fall, slide down, or not pay attention to fainting time!

7. If there is contractions, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, etc., it should be suspended in time.

If you make hot springs, you can choose according to the situation. Sweating is much simpler. Pregnant women do not recommend sweating steaming.

The hazards of steaming are the following points:

1. It is easy to cause hypoxia

If pregnant women are steaming frequently in the early days, they will cause hypoxia, such as fainting caused by women with hypoxia and abortion caused by hypoxia.Therefore, it is best not to do this type of exercise to avoid physical discomfort.

2. Consumption of qi and blood.

When sweating, the body temperature of the human body will increase, accelerate the emissions of sweat, the temperature is too high and the time is too long, which can easily cause breathing unwavering, and it will also consume qi and blood, which will cause pregnant women to lose losses.


During pregnancy, expectant mothers are not easy. During pregnancy, life has more requirements than non -pregnancy. At this time, it is recommended that family members accompany the pregnant mothers.

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