Can pregnant women’s panties be yellow and still have gynecological diseases?

Not long ago, a female friend asked Zheng brother, saying that the underwear he recently wore has been yellow, whether he has gynecological diseases.

Today, Brother Zheng will answer this question to this female friend. If there are the same trouble female friends, you can take a closer look.

As we all know, the urine of the human body is acidic and alkaline, with the excrement of the human body and the secreted scum, so it is usually yellow.

If the female friend finished the toilet, the paper towel wipe the private part without wipe it completely, and the urine will form a residue on the underwear, and the underwear will be yellow slowly.

Female friends with gynecological inflammation often increase in leucorrhea.

Yellow secretions will flow out of private parts, which is also one of the reasons for the yellowing of the underwear.

During menstruation, menstruation is inevitably residial on the underwear during menstruation, and menstrual blood is generally difficult to wash away, so the underwear will also leave a yellowish mark because of this.

If cotton -made underwear, it is not breathable without sweating, and it is also anti -sun.

If it is a yellowish underwear, we usually don’t recommend wearing it.

Because even if it is clean and dry with boiling water, it may not be possible to completely kill the remaining bacteria.If you use a cleaning agent to clean, there will be a problem of chemical residues.

Therefore, if you wear panties that are often yellow for a long time, it is likely to cause inflammation of the private parts and cause gynecological diseases.

First, underwear is a privacy of a newly -friendly friend.

Therefore, it is better to choose cotton underwear.

Because its hygroscopic and warmth are very good and soft and comfortable.

Second, female friends should be cleaned frequently. At the latest, they must be cleaned once every two days. At the same time, they must be cleaned carefully every day.

Third, the underwear of female friends, it is best to change it every six months to prevent the underwear from yellowing and hardness.

If you find that you have been yellowing recently, you must pay attention.

First check the panties to turn yellow. Be sure to diagnose it and then treat it before treatment. Do not take the medicine directly.

If you use medicine at will not only are good for gynecological diseases, but even cause more harm to the body.

Many young female friends may have a gynecological examination to the hospital for gynecological examinations and feel embarrassed to go to the hospital for gynecological examinations.

Or because of life or work too busy, I can’t get time to go to the hospital for examination.

As a result, dragging and dragging like this became a big problem, so Zheng Brother reminded you here that you should not seek medical treatment in time for these reasons.

Otherwise, the minor problem becomes a big problem. At that time, it was really late.

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