Can the rabbit "pregnant" cows?

Rabbit is transported with cattle? Rabbit is such a small animal. How can you stay far away?This is a completely impossible thing. Of course, it is impossible for people to use a rabbit to transport a cow, and what is said is not to use rabbits to transport cattle, but to transport the fertilized eggs. What is going on?Intersection

People know the technology of IVF. The first IVF was born at the Oldm Hospital in the UK at 23:47 on July 25, 1978. His name is Louis Brown.IVF technology refers to placing the eggs in test tube or utensils in a special method, and the selected sperm is also placed in the test tube or utensils.Let it fertilize so that you can get fertilized eggs outside the human body without having to pass the normal fertilization channel.Similarly, for large livestock like cattle and sheep, people can use IVF to obtain fertilized eggs in vitro, which can help people get some good creatures. However, the survival of fertilized eggs requires certain conditions.In the process of fertilized eggs, if you die, you will have the former merit.It is because the nutrients containing various ingredients in the test tube are manually prepared.The test tube must have the same temperature and humidity in the animal uterus.How can an artificial environment compare with a natural uterus?If there is a natural child work, is it more convenient for people’s carriers?

As a result, scientists believe that can the fertilized eggs temporarily stored in the animals for them to take care of them, can they save a lot of trouble?But it is obviously not easy to use large animals such as cattle, because they are huge and inconvenient to operate, so people think of rabbits.Its body is small and milder. First of all, people will have cattle and sheep.The fertilized eggs in vitro are transplanted into the fallopian tubes of rabbits.Then take these alien rabbits to take the ocean through the aircraft ship to the sea to the destination, and then take out the fertilized eggs of the body to help them find suitable mothers to develop and childbirth in these small embryos in these small embryos in their mothers.Essence

The fertilized eggs of two good breeds around the world are asked to the little rabbit.Take a plane and take a ship.Cross the ocean to the place you need.And the rabbit can carry several fertilized eggs at a time.Scientists have cleverly used this feature to send huge British cattle groups to the United States through a small group of rabbits.Such transportation is really cheap and convenient.

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