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"Thank you, after listening to your analysis, I have the bottom of my heart." On March 4th, the drug clinic during pregnancy during the Huaxi Hospital of the Second People’s Hospital of Liaocheng City, the citizen Zhang Yi (pseudonym) after listening to the analysis of Fu Xiaoxiu Pharmacist’s analysisThe big rock in my heart fell to the ground!

Zhang Yiping’s menstruation was not regular. On January 20th, the last menstrual period ended. In early February, she drank red wine because of urinary tract infections and used external washing agents and antibiotics. The antibiotic instructions mentioned that pregnant women were disabled.In early March, after she was pregnant, she was worried that the drug would affect the health of the fetus, so she found the pharmacist Fu Xiaoxiu.Fu Xiaoxiu combined with her medication time, medication dosage, half -life and fetal development node, telling her that the use of drugs has a small impact on the fetus, but pay attention to regular checkup.

The doubts about the medication for pregnant women are the original intention of the Huamei District of the Second People’s Hospital of Liaocheng in 2016.In addition to pregnant women like Zhang Yi, some pregnant women need to treat or vaccine, and they will also consult whether there is risk in advance. At this time, Fu Xiaoxiu will analyze the dosage doses and pregnant women’s pregnancy weeks."In the past six months, there are more consultations related to the new crown vaccine, and there are also whether pregnant women can use skin medicine for long -term use." Fu Xiaoxiu recorded the patient’s consultation and follow -up situation on the book.It can be clearly seen that the safety awareness of pregnant women’s medication is increasing. "Everyone knows that pregnant women cannot abuse drugs, nor can they not use drugs or choose drugs, and they cannot listen to different prescriptions and secret recipes."

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Of course, not all drugs have clearly explained whether pregnant women can use.At this time, Fu Xiaoxiu will find literature and books, and inform pregnant women in detail the current results of the research, "Some pregnant women use drugs with obvious risk of teratings and will ask our children if we can stay.Decisions, but we can tell her all kinds of situations to help her make the best choice. "Fu Xiaoxiu said that through the analysis of professionals, pregnant women can also alleviate their inner pressure and anxiety.

"The effect of medication during pregnancy is generally divided into three stages. After the fertilization, 0-2 weeks are 0-2 weeks. The effect of drugs on the embryo is completely or none.At the beginning of the development of the fetal organs, it is most sensitive to the drug; from the 9th week of the fertilization to delivery, most of the fetal organs develop well, but the drugs may affect the growth of the fetus and cause limited function of some organs. "Fu Xiaoxiu suggested that when pregnant women do medical treatmentIt should be clearly notified of the doctor’s gestational week so that the physician can choose the appropriate medicine.

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