Can women still get pregnant after menopause?

Description of medical records: 27 -year -old women have been married for 3 years and have not contraceptive.

Female patients, 27 years old.

Prosecution: 5 months of menopause.

History of medical: The law of menstruation in the past.B -ultrasound and test strip detection to eliminate pregnancy.

Past history: deny the history of surgical trauma, blood transfusion; deny the history of chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and other history of food allergies; deny the history of hepatitis and tuberculosis.

Personal history: Born in a native place and lived for a long time, the hobbies of non -tobacco wine, denied the history of the tourism.The first tide is 14 years old, 2-7 days/40 days-May, in the amount, dysmenorrhea,

History of marriage and childbearing: 3 years of marriage, uncomfortable, G0P0, and husband’s health.

Family history: History of hereditary diseases, mental illness and infectious diseases in the family.

Diagnosis: polycystic ovary

Monitoring and treatment process:

First diagnosis of blood endocrine examination FSH 8.8 miu/ml, LH 13.8 miU/ml, E2 53.7 PG/ML, PRL 16.6NG/ML, T 0.76ng/ML, P 1.5NG/ML, AMH 4.5 mg/L, tvs endometrial endometrial endometrial endometrial endometrial endometriosisThe thickness is 8mm.

It is 200 mg/d in the progesterone capsule, and orally for 5 days. There are bleeding for 5 days for 5 days.15 on the left and 12 on the right.

Due to fertility requirements, after 3 months of oral Dandin-35 treatment, the next day on the second day of menstruation, he checked Blood 6.9 MIU/ML, LH 7.2 MIU/ML, E 40.7 PG/ML, PRL 15.6NG/ML, T 0.26NG///T 0.26ng//ml.On the third day of menstruation, Cromifen 50mg/d, 5 days orally, B -ultrasound monitored ovulation after 11 days, and conceived after two cycles.

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